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Irish "newspaper."

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and the next time around, you will receive a bloodletting without having to resort to leeches!  Yay!

I assume this was supposed to be a joke.  I do get very angry at these types of things as we all know what will ensue.  Kittens getting flushed down toilets and so on.  While I do appreciate the need for rights regarding censorship, I strongly feel that with regard to media, film and TV and online etc, there needs to be  review of what is generally regarded as 'entertainment' to be curtailed because it results in copying.  After all, those who deny the holocaust are refused entry into countries because there is a fear hat it will spark unwanted activity, so why should we allow depictions of animal abuse when we know it will spur idiots to do these things. 

Dear me, I hadn't thought of that.  :(  Should have a disclaimer, like "Have a happy early April 1!"

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