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Karen Shragg - a "lifelong environmentalist, naturalist, educator, poet, author and overpopulation activist" - has a message worth repeating:

"It is time to have a more nuanced discussion about immigration that includes the environment."

Highlights from that blog containing those comments:

"The flaw in the sentiment on the beautiful statue that stands in the harbor of New York is that it assumes that our country will always be better off with more and more people. It assumes we will have enough resources for them. It assumes we will have enough fresh water, open space, wildlife, wildlands and everything that makes for a quality of life. It assumes we have enough now.

"More people make a wide variety of negative impacts on the environment and it doesn't matter from this perspective the nationality of those additional people. We are all consumers. We can and should try to consume less but we all need water, energy, food, jobs, open land and none are in a limitless supply....Adding more high level fossil fuel consumers is horrendous for our climate too.

"It would have been great if a more futuristic France would have added these words to their welcoming words, "until it is no longer sustainable to do so." The Statue of Liberty would then honor both the goals of social and environmental justice"

It is time for us environmentalists to face the fact that we cannot sallow uncontrolled immigration to go on without the animals and land suffering dire consequences. Also many of these immigrants, both legal and illegal, kill both wild and domestic animals for food, use them for sacrificial rituals and trash the environment as well. We need to keep strict control over all future immigration quota numbers to make sure they will not negatively effect the animals and land.

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