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The International Vegetarian Union has published a couple of articles concerning 'what veganism is' (check my blog for comments on that issue, as well as to participate in the poll) . According to them, and to many definitions on the web, 'veganism equals strict vegetarianism'. Nevertheless, many of us understand veganism as 'not using' (and not merely 'not eating') any sentient being. Do you agree with the 'dietary veganism' definition? Do you agree with questioning any animal use instead? Tell us your opinion...

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Hi Pablo,

There is no such thing as a "dietary vegan". Veganism, by definition, encompasses so much more than a diet.

Being vegan signifies an acceptance of nonviolence, it involves abstaining from any product, where possible, that has been produced using any nonhuman in any way, including for entertainment, clothing, anything!

Being vegan can't even be compared to being vegetarian because there are so many disparities between the two.

There are so many different terms out there these days to describe people who basically eat what they want and wear what they like, yet still feel it appropriate to class themselves as something which alleviates their guilt for doing so, that I can't keep up with the silly terms people use like veg*n, pescatarian, flexitarian, Lacto, Ovo. These are all based solely on diet.

Does a pescatarian abstain from the circus? Does a ovo-vegetarian wear leather?

People will always use words to their advantage, that's why there's so much confusion around these words,in my opinion.

Do you have the link to the original post, Pablo?


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