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Dear AR Zone,

I am a brand new member, and am pleased to be here. When I saw that you offered a forum for discussions, I jumped at the chance to express myself, always wondering where I could find such an opportunity!

I became a vegan three years ago. It happened in an instant, after having seen "Earthlings" on YouTube. The video shocked and sickened me as I watched in horror and thought about all those 65 years of my life when I was ignorant of and complicit in the cruel industry and daily ingestion of living beings.

Sadly enough, I am the only vegan in my entire family, as well as among all my friends. No matter what, I have not been able to move anyone in my direction. Having tried all means of communication (and never badgering or being argumentative or accusatory), none has produced results. Oftentimes I feel depressed that no one seems to care about the injustice, contempt, and unnecessary pain and suffering that we inflict upon our fellow animals, even when they learn about it! It still stuns me, and makes me feel, "So much for the glass walls theory."

Now I have 2 very young grandchildren (4 years and 1 year old), and want, desperately, for them to become conscious, aware and respectful of the animals' right to live their lives free from our oppressive hands.

I got my 4 year-old grandson the book, "This Moose Belongs to Me," which teaches how animals can never belong to people (even though we think they can), because they are living, sentient beings with their own inherent value, entitled to live their own lives as they were meant to (Can you recommend any other such books?). I also drop other gentle hints during play (i.e. not wanting to play a "let's go fishing" game), but feel that I have to be very careful so as not to cause possible consternation in his parents, should he (and eventually she) tell them one day that he (and eventually she) doesn't want to eat animals anymore.

At the same time, I don't want to watch yet another two humans being created with the same consciousness gap that plagued me for so long, as it still does for most of the world.

And so, here I am.

Many thanks,

Jean Khatchadourian

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Thanks again, Carolyn.  I will check out Melanie's other podcast, as well...and all the rest of them!  Between the podcasts and the myriad suggestions I have received - thanks to you - I have my work cut out for me!

Carolyn Bailey said:

I'm really grateful for your kind words, Jean, and very happy that you enjoyed the podcast discussions! 

I agree with you about Melanie; she's one of the really genuine advocates who sincerely works for and on behalf of other animals. She's given her work and her advocacy enormous thought, and I admire and respect her very much. She spoke with us in a podcast prior to that one as well, about some very interesting topics in regard to the animal advocacy community and how many advocates treat each other and some of the ways we might improve on that. Tim and I both thought this was a really important discussion to have, and found Melanie's perspectives very insightful and useful. [

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