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Corey Wrenn wrote a "critique" of ARZone based on her viewing of Peter Young's ARZone chat.


She writes:


"...the site is nothing more than just another welfarist organization that serves to confuse participants and detract from veganism and ending non-human animal use"




"It’s a place where animal rights celebrities can come in to receive a collective pat on the back.  And, it’s a place for advocates to soak in the celebrity sunshine and ignorantly accept welfarist or violent mantra in an atmosphere the stifles critical thinking".


I'd love to hear the opinions of ARZone's members about this. Is Wrenn correct about what ARZone is and do you all think of yourself as "ignorantly" accepting anything? 

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Hi red dog,

We'd welcome your critique of Jerry's chat and of ARZone in general. We welcome thoughtful critique and are usually our own biggest critics. We really do believe that ARZone members have every right to offer suggestions and express their opinions. 

It would be nice to have someone critique us who has spent more than 10 minutes on the site! 


Thanks, Carolyn, I'll wait and see how the chat goes before making up my mind (even if that disqualifies me for membership on certain websites).

It's interesting that, almost two years on, Corey Wrenn continues to misrepresent and make ridiculous accusations about other advocates and organisations that she clearly doesn't understand. I pity anyone who lives with such hatred, it's very sad. 

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