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What is bio diesel?


What is biodiesel? Biodiesel is a diesel fuel substitute produced from renewable sources such as canola and soya bean. Chemically, it is defined as the mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty


What are the advantages of Biodiesel?

  • it is a renewable fuel, unlike fossil fuels, which will eventually run out in the not too distant future!
  • it results in increased regional employment
  • if spilt in a waterway, the…

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Sea Shepherd Visits Monaco

news 100721 1 1 Sea Shepherd Visits Monaco The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin arrived in Port Hercule in Monaco on July 20th for a three day visit before proceeding on to Barcelona, the final stop in the Mediterranean

campaign before the ship returns to Australia for final preparations

for Operation No Compromise – our return to the Southern Ocean Whale

Sanctuary to defend the whales from illegal Japanese whaling operations.

The last time a Sea Shepherd…


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Sea Vegans ~ Dr. Roger Yates

This blog entry is a brief update to an earlier one about whaling and

dolphin campaigns.[1] I pointed out in that earlier post that my

Japanese partner shared her countryfolk’s hatred of organisations like

Greenpeace who the Japanese see as hypocritically telling them what to

do in terms of animal use while they… Continue

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Transcript of Vincent Guihan and Joanne Charlebois' Live ARZone Guest Chat

Transcript of Vincent Guihan and Jo Charlebois' ARZone Live Guest Chat

3 July 2010 

6pm US Eastern Time 

11pm UK Time …


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What the eff is a veg*n? Adults spell out their political views and so can animal advocates ~ Vincent Guihan

I still remember, not so fondly, the first time I ever heard the word

'veg*n' pronounced out loud by someone. It was years ago, and only now

has the trauma subsided sufficiently that I can blog about it. I was on

a noisy, but relaxed, patio of a local cafe, drinking an espresso. I

had been vegan for a few years already and yet, the term was still new

to me. It was with a friend of a friend. He was just finishing some

lengthy and self-indulgent soliloquy about how… Continue

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Why does Matt Ball keep picking on me? Promoting stereotypes about activists is unjustifiably mean ~ Vincent Guihan

I'm not sure why Matt Ball

is picking on me. He has written that “animal rights and veganism

attracts some people who are very angry and unable to get past their

anger." Maybe a small minority, but most vegans? Certainly not proper

animal rights advocates. "The movement also attracts many with an

extremist / fanatical personality – people who obsess over purity,

personal aggrandizement,… Continue

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Joint Statement by a Group of Abolitionist Vegan Feminists for International Women's Week

As abolitionist vegans and feminists, we oppose the use of sexist

tactics in the animal advocacy movement. Ethical animal rights veganism

is part of the logical conclusion of opposition to the exploitation of

all sentient beings -- both human animals and non-human animals.

Opposing speciesism is incompatible with engaging in sexism or any

other form of discrimination, such as racism, heterosexism, classism,

and other forms of oppression.

Unfortunately, we… Continue

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Of oysters and education: why a rights-based approach to vegan education makes sense ~ Vincent Guihan

Of Oysters and Education: Why a Rights-Based Approach to Vegan Education Makes Sense

Written by …


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