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The Evil Fur Trade

Fur trade is one of the oldest fabric trades in the garment business and  the most inhuman of all. Dealings regarding the acquisition and sale of fur from animals have been immensely popularized around the world in the last century with the rise in high fashion. Since the early modern period, furs of different animals like boreal, polar bear, minks, and others have been in high demand. This led to the exploitation of temperate regions like Siberia, Northern North America, South Sandwich Island, and South Shetland where millions of animals have been killed over the years.

In spite of worldwide protests against the use of fur in clothing or otherwise, fur farms continue to survive and employ some of the cruelest methods of extracting fur from animals. While the supporters have repeatedly tried to reason that the methods are not cruel, there are several sting operations that prove that the fur trade industry can be called inhumane in the politest of terms. Although a substantial portion of fur usage had diminished with its replacement of synthetic product and the unending campaigns of the animal rights groups, thousand of animals die every year simply to cater to the whims of the shallow and uncompassionate.

Reasons for rise in fur trade:

So coming to the most important question of all, why is it that there is such a demand for fur products? Are people really that clueless and do not care how other species are treated? You see, there are two very simple reasons as to why animals are killed. One is for the sake of vanity, for showing off one’s riches and tastes in society. The other is simply to make a great deal of money by catering to those tastes. A number of people believe that fur clothing or accessories are glamorous and make one look more attractive. It is this demand that led to the rise in poaching or setting up of fur farms. As long as there is a market for fur products, the barbaric fur farms continue to exist.

How the animals are treated:

There are several animals that are targets for fur farming because of their fur coats. These include both big and small animals. Some of the most popular fur varieties are rabbit, mink, fox, polar bear, and raccoon.All of which are denied a full healthy life in the name of fashion. These precious,innocent creatures are raised in horrible conditions and are confined in tiny containment. The methods of killing are even worse, and  the animals are still alive after their skin is removed. The animals suffer in ways that one cannot even imagine.

Make an alternative choice:

Fur products may look beautiful, but the price that is paid is too high to even consider. However, there is an alternative that looks as beautiful but is without a violent history to tell. That’s right. Make a conscious choice and use faux fur if you desire that style. They look just the same and are approved by the animal rights groups fighting against use of fur.


Several fashion labels are consciously making an effort to promote faux fur and are increasingly using them in their collections. Labels like Guess and Ralph Lauren are such examples that promote the use of faux fur and are against killing of animals. Although faux fur has ecological impacts, as well as, they are made of non renewable petroleum products, it is still encouraged over the use of real fur.

What difference can you make?

Fur trade can only be brought to an end if everyone makes an effort. Fur is a luxury item, which people use at the cost of the lives of innocent animals. Fashion is never a necessity and killing animals for it is nothing short of barbaric. But that can be put to an end if everyone makes a small contribution. You can take the first step and make your mark by:


1.      Boycotting all those shops that sell fur products. You can write to the higher authorities and make your opinions known. The more they are enlightened about public opinion with regards to fur products, the more impact it will make. You can form your own protest forums and let people know which companies are condoning the use of fur.

2.      Never buy clothes, gloves, toys, or other products that are made of actual fur. Remember that it is nothing but the external covering of a beautiful animal which had to die for no reason of its own. If you are interested in the look that fur products can obtain, go for faux fur coats, hats or gloves. They look just like real fur without unnecessarily taking the lives of innocent creatures. This is an animal friendly alternative to fur and is approved by  animal rights groups.


3.      You can protest against the existing fur farms in your country by writing to the government. Let them know that you are against such unethical treatment of animals and that they deserve to live. Ask them to impose a ban on all fur products including imports.


4.      Join the animal rights group in your area and aid them in their fight against fur trade. If you are unwilling to join an established group, you can form your own and work towards the rights of these animals as well.


5.      Organize anti-fur marches,protest,events, and make people aware of the situation. If necessary, show them videos of how the animals are being ill-treated and slaughtered around the world.

Reports show that every year, nearly 40 million precious, fur-bearing animals are killed around the world to provide for the fur-wearing population. Fur products are still being advertised and encouraged by the fashion labels who present fur as glamorous. The excuse that is given by them is that use of fur is natural, and they have been used forever. It is this reasoning that is taking these lives in vain,and although the advertisements look stylish and classy, in reality they are nothing but a fantasy steeped in blood and pain.


The life of an animal is just as precious as the life of another human. Can you imagine doing that to a fellow human being,or at least to your pet rabbit, cat,or dog who has a coat of fur themselves and can be potential victims? If you are horrified at the image,then it shouldn't be difficult to understand the plight of the wild animals. Remember that every life has the same value.

The pain that is inflicted upon these animals must be addressed immediately and steps should be taken to remedy the situation. Spreading awareness is only the first step. A great deal of damage has already been done to the animal kingdom. It has not only harassed helpless animals, but has also disrupted the ecological balance. If this killing is stopped immediately, we will have no animal kingdom. So make an effort and let the world know what is going on behind the closed doors of the fur farms. Change takes place only when you decide to make the world a better place for all.

 Help End the Bloody Fur Trade 

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