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500km Walk for Freedom

For Immediate Release:

We are calling all activists to get involved to help the animals. This event will be made up of various types of activism that we hope you can be a part of.

This event begins in Canberra during the Million Paws Walk on May 15.


AND THEN .... Our 3 Stages to stopping factory farming:

Canberra - Calling for change, May 16 - 23.
Canberra to Byron Bay – Walk for Freedom, May 23 - July 2.
Bryon Bay – Welcome home, July 2.

Canberra - Starting in Canberra on Sunday May 15, a group of committed animal advocates will spend a week out on the lawns of Parliament House, in Canberra with their animal embassy tent to raise awareness for the plight of factory-farmed animals. Then on Monday May 23, they will embark on a 500km Walk For Freedom.


Parliament House Gathering:

Date: Monday, 16 May 2011
Time: 12 noon sharp
Place: Parliament House, Parliament Drive, Capital Hill

Jodi Ruckley from Our Place on Earth, and her friends from all over Australia, are banding together with other like-minded, compassionate people, in a hands-on way to send a powerful message to our leaders that cannot be ignored.

The group aim to highlight the reality of pigs, chicken, cows, sheep and fish as sentient beings. Fun Facts include:

· Pigs are very similar to dogs they are incredibly intelligent, friendly and loyal.

· Chickens are inquisitive animals, they form friendships and social hierarchies, recognise one another and develop pecking orders, and they love and care for their young.

· Cows form life-long friendships with one another and have demonstrated the ability to be vain, hold grudges, and play games.

· Sheep have recognition and memory abilities using faces, similar to that of humans. They also have good powers of concentration and will watch television.

· Fish have nerve structures that are anatomically similar to those of humans and other mammals, especially their lips and mouths.

The Walk For Freedom group will embark on a 42-day journey from Canberra to Byron Bay with stops along the way at Sydney, Newcastle, Ballina and other towns along the Pacific Highway route. They will be giving away free ethical food samples and also partaking in various silent protests near abattoirs and factory farms throughout the walk.

“We would love to see you and your four-legged animal friends participating in our Journey Home,” says Jodi Ruckley. “Like any social movement there are inevitable consequences of positive change and we hope we can raise awareness to the link between animals in factory farms and the food on our plate.”

For more information visit Our Place on Earth:


Jodi Ruckley
Founding Director, Our Place on Earth
0416 142 019

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Comment by Lizzy Valentine on July 3, 2011 at 22:48



Well done Jodi !!!! You're a legend.




Comment by Lizzy Valentine on July 3, 2011 at 22:47


Follow up from Jodi:


What an amazing trip we have had.  You may remember we set off from ACT, Australia’s capital back in May.  We set up an animal embassy tent on the lawns of Parliament House, with a clear message to the government – Stop factory farming.  We then walked from ACT to Sydney, just under 300km and stopped at Bowral and Goulburn to giveaway vegan hotdogs and yummy vegan desserts.
We travelled up the Pacific Highway handing out food at Terrigal, Newcastle, Taree, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour, and Grafton, and stopped at many abattoirs, saleyards and factory farms to do silent protests.  We walked only few kms each day, as the Pacific Highway is quite dangerous.  Then from a food giveaway at Ballina, we started on foot again, touring the beautiful Northern Rivers region.  So great to be walking in the countryside and another food giveaway at Lismore, then leafleting at Nimbin.
Please check out these photos with some of the highlights, and check out our media articles/clips below.  Our focus has been on talking to Australians about the truth about what happens to factory farmed animals and encouraging them to make compassionate food choices.  We know most people love animals, and reckon that choosing not to eat them is an empowering choice.
We gratefully thank the following organisations who have kindly donated their time and products and enabled all of this to be achieved:
Viva La Vegan; Vegan Perfection; Three Worlds Byron Bay; Supreme Master Television; Joy French Gallery; The Vegan Society NSW; Animal Liberation ACT; RAWGANIC; Bounty Burgers; LEDA Nutrition; Speak for Animals; Fruvenu; VegFund;


Comment by Lizzy Valentine on June 25, 2011 at 19:21



An interview with Jodi Ruckley, by Leigh-Chantelle of Viva La Vegan.  Jodi is now on the final leg of the 500 klm Walk For Freedom journey, which concludes in Byron Bay on Saturday July 2.  It will be celebrated by a gathering of activists and animals, enjoying vegan food and live music.


"In Byron next Saturday 2 July a silent protest will be held at SunnyBrand chicken Abattoir on Ewingsdale Rd. It will start at 10am sharp.  Afterward Jodi and friends will walk into and around the Byron Bay area handing out vegan hot dogs and vegan chocolate until heading to the party at 12 midday at ThreeWorlds: 7 Marvell Street, Byron Bay. PEOPLE are needed to help with outreach, handing out information and food samples, and congratulatory hugs.  PLEASE bring a plate of VEGAN food to share at the party as this will be a great way to spread the vegan message to the community."

For further info:

Jodi Ruckley Founding Director, Our Place on Earth
0416 142 019


Comment by Lizzy Valentine on June 5, 2011 at 14:31


The Walk For Freedom travels through Sydney CBD.


"The campaign comes just days after shocking revelations of Australian cattle being ill-treated in Indonesian abattoirs prompted nationwide calls for protests and an end to live exports.

Ms Ruckley said it was important for people to understand that some of these horrific practices happened in our own backyard."


Read the full Sydney Herald Sun article here.


Comment by Lizzy Valentine on May 25, 2011 at 11:24


Article in the Herald Sun.

Comment by Lizzy Valentine on May 25, 2011 at 9:40


Hi All


Australian Associated Press interviewed Jodi on May 23, the day they began their long walk. The short clip (less than 2 minutes) of that footage can be found at this link:


You can also follow Jodi's journey by reading her blog at this address.



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