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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Philadelphia) recently participated in an event called “The Philadelphia Science Film Festival” in which they screened the Philadelphia premiere of the new documentary “Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson” []

This event was a science based event, sponsored by Dow Chemicals, who state on their website [] the following:

”Animal testing is not something Dow undertakes arbitrarily, but neither is it something Dow can discontinue, as this testing plays a critical role in enhancing Dow’s understanding about the safety of Dow’s products, thereby protecting public health and the environment.”

Do vegans find it problematic that SSCS participated in this event, and if so, why?


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Should an "ocean conservation organization" be supporting a seafood festival then?  

Here is their link that says they will be there, but notice they don't mention that it's about seafood -

This is the website for the festival. Please be sure to watch the short video where you can see a man talking about how the festival promotes their commerical fishing industry, you'll see people eating and cooking seafood and something called a Scallop Challenge.

All of this is so upsetting to me because I've read captain watson's books and I don't believe that he would want his volunteers representing his organization like this.

Anyone who knows me, knows I support SSCS, and Paul Watson. I respect Captain Watson and the work he does to raise awareness of the state of the world's oceans, and I believe the planet is a far better place for him being here. But, I find this new event, from the same chapter of SS (Philadelphia) to be incredibly problematic, arrogant, thoughtless and a little embarrassing.

Harbor Fest is a celebration of seafood. []

Is this an event Sea Shepherd should be supporting? More whales die each year due to starvation because humans are eating the oceans to death, than are killed by whalers, yet Sea Shepherd Philadelphia deem it appropriate to celebrate and support a "celebration of seafood"? Seriously? Do they not see the problem with this, or do they just not care?

No they shouldn't.  I'm wondering if Captain Watson is aware of this.  This may seem a bit bizarre, but do you think it's possible that they have been infiltrated by saboteurs?  It has been known for several decades that companies will get their employees onto boards and policy-making forums to make sure that their interests are not damaged.  Unless these things have been happening without being picked up until now, it does seem a bit suspicious that they are going to these events.  The only other explanation I can think of is that by being there they may influence which fish are taken and try to make sure that the 'conservation' viewpoint is represented.

SSCS Philadelphia cancelled this event this afternoon, citing:

SSCS PHILLY has canceled the Cape May Harbor Fest celebration. We appreciate the concern about the heavy commercial fishing presence, this was not disclosed to us when receiving information and talking with the Nature Center. It would be a great event to stand in opposition but it seems the majority of the event is in support of the fishing industry. Apologies for any confusion.


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