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I would like to respond to the comments concerning the brutal slaying of Cecil the lion made by that North Carolina attorney, Kieran Shanahan, defending the right to trophy hunt animals.  He talks about how proud he is to be a conservationist.  Do not be fooled by conservationists who say they respect and admire the animals they kill--THEY DON'T!!  If Cecil could talk he would think that person's remarks should put that individual on a psychiatrist's couch.  If you really respect and admire an animal or person you are going to respect that animal's or person's right to live.  Let's define the word, "conservationist"--one who believes in conserving a natural resource to be always available for public consumption whether it be killed, hunted or trapped.  They care nothing about allowing that animal to live as long as it would like to live.  They care nothing about how cruel about the methods they use to kill that animal (bow hunting and trapping among the cruelest methods use)  In fact over 40 countries have outlawed the use of the steel leg hold trap because they considered it to inhumane to use.


Now on the other hand, we need to define the word "preservationist"--one who believes in preserving a natural resource without destroy or killing it for any reason.  Most animal rights group are of that philosophy.  A truly humane person would tend to be a preservationist, particularly if the methods to kill an animal, such as Cecil, were considered inhumane, and certainly an animal killed by a bow hunter would be considered inhumane as animals killed by that method suffer a horrible and prolonged death if the arrow does not kill the animal outright BUT UNFORTUNATELY TOO MANY ANIMALS SHOT BY BOW HUNTERS DO NOT!


Therefore do not be misled by their statements how much they admire, respect or even love the animals they brutally murder each year.  If anyone is totally pro-life that person will respect the lives of all sentient beings as did such famous men as Francis of Assisi who said "respect for all life begins with the lesser creatures" and thus be a preservationist rather than a conservationist.



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And Now another Dr. Palmer emerges in Paul Ryan seeking to be Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives.  Paul Ryan, an ardent hunter like Dr. Palmer, who supports the Sportsmen Act that would allow hunting with bow and arrow, one of the cruelest deaths imaginable MUST BE DEFEATED FOR SPEAKER-IT WILL BE A TRAGEDY FOR OUR WILDLIFE.


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