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Dr. Will Tuttle Celebrity Guest Chat - Jan 9/10 in AR Zone.

AR Zone is proud to present Dr. Will Tuttle in our inaugural Celebrity Guest Chat, this weekend, in our new format.

Dr. Will Tuttle, author of one of the most important books of the 21st century, The World Peace Diet, the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life, acclaimed educator, pianist and composer, will be appearing in the AR Zone Guest chat this weekend.

All questions to Dr. Tuttle must be pre-registered ASAP. To do so, please leave a comment here or message Jamie, Stacey or Carolyn, indicating your interest in speaking with Dr Tuttle.

Questions will be limited, so please register soon to reserve your place to speak directly with Dr Tuttle.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to speak to an amazing man; we hope you'll become involved.

3pm ....... Saturday 9th - Pacific time
4pm ....... Saturday 9th Mountain time
5pm ....... Saturday 9th Central time
6pm ....... Saturday 9th Eastern time

6pm ....... Saturday 9th - Toronto

11pm ...... Saturday 9th - UK Time

9am ....... Sunday 10th - Brisbane
10am ...... Sunday 10th - Sydney/Melbourne

Further time zones are available at .. or feel free to ask Jamie, Stacey or Carolyn for more information.

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I believe we are all connected from one breathe of God and made to witness. Either to send love to those who are so committed in doing His will or to bring those who are offtrack home again if it's willed.
p.s. I am a vegan too. Actually I am wondering if other vegans recall when they were very young, if they knew then they were meant to follow a more compassionate way of living too?

I am so happy to find this site, a place where I feel I belong. Thanks for being here and I look forward to the chat.
Thanks Angel

We're very happy that you found us as well :-)

Surprisingly, I knew from the earliest moment I can remember that I should not want to kill an animal even for food or how really silly - clothes + knew that food came from other sources, that was plentiful, abundant and luckily cheap. I think some remember things from "before" or are taught in sleep by visitors about issues. I have always had the ability to communicate with animals since earliest memories and had to shut down to their pain + suffering. It is so severe how they are treated all over this earth domain. I have never understood how any human can close their eyes to it and eat a steak? I only figured that there are 2 types of humans. Ones who know and ones who dont. Sometimes we get lucky and can influence some of the dont-ers but most are stubborn and shut down (I call them stupid).
Hi Jacob once again. I know you arent asking me so much but my son, Jacob, who believes Darwin Theory says "only the strong survive" - in this case only the ones that can/do change/evolve into plant eaters will thrive and survive. Not really survive (just living) but thrive with energy/zest/intellengence. Our cannine teeth arent cannine at all and our intestines arent meat thriving intestines. So as I am in my 50's I see many people with severe diseases of our times due to dietary/environmental choices. I dont think our government (any) will cure these diseases; disease is big $$ business and empolys a lot of citizens. If we die sooner we dont live to collect our benefits we paid into; so why help us make better dietary choices. I was reading on net that about 74-78% of MEAT is subsidized by "our taxes" whether we like it or not. Seems big corporate once again really runs countries. Fruits/vegs get like less than 10% more like 5% subsidized to the farmers. So I tend to agree with my son, that only the really determined with a belief system of sentient beings will progress into the next phase of life here on the planet.(That could be good)! I hope I am right!

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