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I just sent the following e-mail to Trump and suggest you do the same.  Contact him by clicking this link:
Don't phone him; simply a waste of time; you would be lucky to get him for hours on end.
"Mr. Donald Trump

The White House

Washington, D. C.


"Dear Mr. Trump:


"I feel it is not enough just to sign a petition concerning your action to allow hunting of endangered species but to incorporate that petition into a formal communication to you.

"Therefore your legalization of international trophy hunting under the guise of “conservation” is cruel and unacceptable. The American people will not fall for your deception and thirst to promote the killing of endangered animals. Trophy hunting is not a viable or responsible conservation method and must not be treated as such.

"Trophy hunting entirely diminishes the worth of the lives of animals and threatens the natural order of their ecosystems. The majority of Americans support the conservation of animals, not their slaughter. Your prioritizing of your sons’ desire to kill exotic animals over the wishes of the American public and world at-large is shameful. You must reverse your plans to legalize trophy hunting.

"I have devoted my life toward eliminating this horrible intrinsic evil which not only causes terrible grief upon the animal world humans as well who accidemntally get shot and their property destroyed by careless hunters.  In fact if your sons get injured or killed I have no sympathy for them as they deserve what they get.  No one forces them to hunt; it was a voluntary act that has its risks.

"Your action has upset me to the point I cannot even recognize you as my president  in this matter so hence “Mr. Trum” than President Trump.

"Because you are a business man you really have no understanding of the environment and as such business people are only interested in protecting their bottom line no matter who they hurt or kill in the process.


"Richard W. Firth


"P. S. I am a preservationist—one who believes in preserving life rather destroying it under  the guise of being conservationist, which employs lethal methods to conserve life rather than preserving it".

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Richard, while I applaud your sincere effort to advert the evils of this human scum we have as president, your words will fall on deaf ears. This individual has demonstrated overwhelmingly to have no compassion or empathy for any one human or non human. The man and its entire family and cabinet are all sociopaths who only care about self serving and will do anything, legal or illegal to do it. 

You are wasting your words. You can not reason with irrational, demented people.   

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