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Wait No More: The New ARCO's Abolitionists is Here!

ARCO's Abolitionists got a big update and we hope we will see some of you on it.
We changed the look and added a gallery (still pretty empty but we hope all of you will help to fill it up :) ) as well as connecting with other social networks.

If you are unfamiliar with ARCO's Abolitionists:

ARCO has created a new forum to further the abolitionist movement.

We aim to spread an ethic of respect for all living beings. In particular, we believe all sentient animals have the right to be treated as individuals, rather than as objects. To breed and use non-human animals for any reason is to violate their rights of self-ownership.

The “unnecessary suffering” of domesticated animals can only end when we identify the source of the fundamental wrong. That fundamental wrong is the idea of “ownership” of other animals. To end that suffering, we must change the paradigm.

We directly challenge the prevailing notion of welfarism as a possible road to abolition, finding it instead to be a grave impediment. We call for an ethic of respect and non-violence, to be realized without compromise, person by person. To this end we use only vegan outreach and anti-speciesist education, as indicated by abolitionist theory.

ARCO’s Abolitionists is meant to foster communication among isolated pockets of abolitionists -- to help keep the vision true, the application consistent, and the methods effective. Abolition is the order of the day.

If you call yourself a vegan abolitionist please register and share some of your opinions and ideas.
As ARCO's Abolitionists is a private forum we would first like to know a little bit about you. So to get your account activated an introduction is needed. To make it easy for you we even put a introduction questionnaire together.

I hope we will see some familiar faces...

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I really enjoy the ARCO forum -I've been lurking on it for years- its well done and a warm community - a good wealth of knowledge and knowledgeable people at your fingertips.

I just joined the ARCO's Abolitionists side - I tried before a few times but the Confirmation code designed to keep spambots out was giving me issues (I'm colour blind) but I finally made it in! Can't wait to lurk and maybe take part in some discussions.

Thanks for reminding me it was there. The new layout looks great!

Thanks! It might sound silly but it's great to hear that once and a while. Maintaining the site became a full time hobby so I love to hear that all that time spend at least had some value ;)

Glad to hear you finally got it going. You should have emailed and I would have switched it off for a day.

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