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Advice about Honey and other aspects of Veganism

Thank you to who posted the articles about Vegan definitions. I am increasingly realizing how it is more than just about diet. Consequently, I am searching for some advice. Pardon if anything I ask sounds ignorant. I am a relative newcomer to this "lifestyle choice."


-How do you avoid using toiletries that do not contain animal products or have been tested on animals. Are there particular products that you recommend?


-Why is honey not considered vegan?





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Great thank you both! :)

Sean, thank you for your question.  The important thing for vegans to do is always be willing to learn more and be honest with ourselves about how much more we can learn and do, so I am glad to see you care about that.  It is so easy to eliminate honey from your life.  Honey is created by bees for their own purposes.  We should not interfere with them or be so arrogant as to decide they don't need that much honey, or any of the other excuses that have heard before.  I am so glad that you care enough to look into this issue.

I see people have provided links to learn about toiletries, etc.  I have my favorite vegan toiletries and household cleaners, but I will check out what they suggested because I might not be able to add anything valuable.

Actually, the bunny with a circle and line through the image is not trustworthy.  There is no regulation of those symbols.  The only symbol you can totally trust, from what I understand, is the Vegan society logo:  Also, as Barbara said, the Leaping Bunny logo is only useful for avoiding testing, but does not mean there are no animal ingredients.  At least it gives you a starting point, and then you can find out about the ingredients. 


I have a few companies I trust.  I stick with smaller companies when I feel they are "doing it for the right reasons".  For instance,  I would never trust a mainstream company that pops on the market with a "green" line of products.  They are going to be deceptive.  I trust Seventh Generation the most, I think, and they are available in regular main stream stores, in addition to the health food stores.  I also trust Dr. Bronner and Kirk's soaps which you can find in many stores. 


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