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Interesting and informative articles about human and other animals.


  • Tom Regan begins by asking how the moral status of animals has been understood by thinkers who deny that animals have rights.


Aquatic animals, cognitive ethology, and ethics: questions about sentience and other troubling issues that lurk in turbid water  

  • Marc Bekoff argues that we owe aquatic animals respect and moral consideration just as we owe respect and moral consideration to all other animal beings, regardless of the taxonomic group to which they belong.

Murder: A Benign Extravagance

  • Matthew Cole writes about George Monbiot and the limitations of anthropocentric veganism

Meddling With Animal Morality:

  • Professor James McWilliams asks if other animals need to have a moral code similar to humans. 

Teaching Children a Separate Morality for "Food" Animals: 

  • Free from Harm covers the brilliant research paper: The Conceptual Separation of Food and Animals in Childhood.

Creating Killers: Human Tolls of Slaughter:

  • Spencer Lo writes about the oppression and the toll to the humans who are part of the animal agriculture industry. 

On Eating Animals

  • How is it that many humans, so solicitous of the animals they keep as "pets", are so indifferent toward the ones they cook for dinner? 


The Meat Eaters

  • Jeff McMahon asks the controversial question: Do we have reason to desire the extinction of all carnivorous species?

Why Veganism?

  • Tim Gier writes about "opting out" of exploitative systems. 

Why the fuss over horse meat?

  • Cows and horses have much in common. Why the fuss over eating horses? 

A Menu of Love

  • What if one simple action had the power to change our lives and the lives of many others in deep and profound ways? 


Getting Animals In View

  • Christine Korsgaard looks at other animals and their lives unhindered by our human standards, to see them as they are. 

Letter to a Young Matt

  • Matt Ball, Executive Director of Vegan Outreach writes about the changes in his philosophy in regard to his advocacy over the years. 

Is Veganism a Religion Under Anti-Discrimination Law?

  • An Ohio Federal District Court says perhaps. 

Big Ag Wants to Rewrite the Law So That You’ll Never See This

  • Will Potter writes about the new wave of “ag-gag” bills across the United States that would criminalize whistleblowers, investigators, and journalists who expose animal welfare abuses at factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Dispatches From the 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

  • If the evidence that plant-based diets are better for human health is compelling, the evidence that they are better for the planet is indisputable, delegates at the 6th International Conference on Vegetarian Nutrition were told. 

The Sexual Politics of Meat Revisited

  • Theresa Noll revists Carol Adams' pivotal feminist text, which is still as crucial today as it was two decades ago, when the book was originally published.

Our Voices, Our Movement: How Vegans Can Move Beyond the "Welfare-Abolition Debate"

  • Melanie Joy writes about some of the ways vegans and advocates can improve their understanding of each other. 

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