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Dr. Andrew Knight on the Health Risks Associated with Vegan Diets for Cats and Dogs.

Recent ARZone podcast guest Dr. Andrew Knight has given ARZone permission to share this series of short video interviews. They were conducted by Vegusto and cover a wide range of topics on the many aspects of the health of cats and dogs as it relates to vegetarian or vegan diets.

In the next in this series, Andrew speaks about any health risks associated with providing cats and dogs with a vegan diet.


Dr. Andrew Knight is an Australian born bioethicist, living in London, who is now a European Veterinary specialist in welfare science, ethics, and law. Andrew is the author of the book The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments which examines the practice of medical testing on other animals.

For more information about all of Andrew's work, please visit:  Andrew has also created the website:, which is a detailed examination of the health and nutritional aspects associated with meat based diets and vegan diets. The site also includes tips for guardians on transitioning dogs and cats safely to a vegan diet, and steps to ensure they maintain the health of those dogs and cats long term. It also includes links to a large number of suppliers where people may obtain either the complete diets or nutritional supplements that they may wish to add to home made diets.

Vegusto offers alternatives to meat and cheese, 100% plant-based vegan, created and manufactured in Switzerland by family-run Vegi-Service AG. Please follow Vegusto on Facebook here: or on the web at






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