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It is becoming clear that as a society we are becoming more and more speciesist.


What do you think about those who feel it is completely ok to factory farm, torture and slaughter animals so as to feed them to sustain so called companion animals (dogs and cats) rather than having them put to sleep?



Does this not seem to be completely hypocritical?


Many prominent animal rights advocates struggle with this question.

With many feeling the best way forward is the one with the "least harm" to ALL animals.

If this is the case then it would appear that the "least harm" would then be to humanely put the huge over population of excess companion animals to sleep as to keep them alive and sustain them hundreds of animals would have to suffer and  die.


So why is it that our society has become so speciesist?


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Thanks for this post, Nath. I think it's something that ppl DON'T WANT to think about too much. My dogs are now on a vegan diet and seem to be thriving. My cat, though, is still eating meat. I have found a couple of vegan recipes for him, but I first need to get the appropriate supplements so that he can be healthy on the diet. Fact of the matter is, I think with a lot of ppl, it's about convenience, and they can't be bothered investigating options. Unfortunately, here in Australia, we dont have a lot of commercial options as far as vegan dog/cat food goes. I know of only two commercial vegan pet foods. And, to my mind, shelters should be feeding these. I went to a shelter open day a couple of weeks ago, and they had a sausage sizzle... so how's THAT for speciesism? ;0)
It's a good topic, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a boa constrictor, and I couldn't feed my cats (or give my dog HW medicine) if I had to kill the animals myself. I hope I can get all my babies on a vegan or near-vegan diet soon (my dog's food is all vegan now except for the HW medicine) and be confident that they're getting what they need.

Even so, it's hard to believe Nath is serious in proposing putting animals "to sleep" as a solution. Plus what does he mean by "surplus"? It isn't only "surplus" dogs and cats who will eat other animals. He accuses others of having an agenda--who is he accusing, and what's his agenda?
There isn't a lot of science in this area so far--that's the problem. Anyway, I'm having a hard time following you. Do you seriously want people on these forums to kill their cats? Or are you just trolling?
So you only want cats and dogs in "shelters" to be killed, is that it? Or would you like us all to kill the nonvegan animals under our care too? How about nonvegan humans?

You haven't said when humans weren't speciesist--was it in the 1980s when nearly all animals admitted to "shelters" were virtually guaranteed a horrible death by mass gassing, including many whose families were still looking for them and didn't know where to look?
My guess is you're trolling. In the time it took you to produce that one sentence, you could have written a recipe book.
Actually, this is a topic I addressed in the ARZone Guest Chat last weekend with Barbara, as I did with Shaun Monson. It was suggested, during Barbara's chat, by Roger, that I make this forum post, as this is a topic which requires a great deal of further discussion, and understanding, in order to think about ways of addressing a solution.

This discussion was created in order to encourage rational discourse. I'm sorry you feel threatened by that, reddog.
I saw the question to Barbara, but I'm not seeing any rational discussion or solutions from you--you sound like a troll.
You said you "agree with rescue" a few posts back. Before that you said you wanted all nonvegan animals dead, and you discouraged people from trying to raise cats on vegan food. Now you bring up Winograd without saying where it is you think he's wrong. Why are you here?
It's a good topic but I'm not seeing anything that remotely resembles a serious argument from Nath, or any helpful advice on how to care for dogs and cats in a vegan way. Blackpanther's comments were helpful, and I appreciate them. Nath comes in here with a veiled attack on Nathan Winograd but doesn't say what his points of disagreement are with Winograd's philosophy. One minute he says killing cats is doing the "least harm," then he says he agrees with rescue, then he tells us "science" says cats can't be vegan.

What science? I'm sure he knows as well as all of us that that's a false statement. Where are these nonspeciesist pounds of the past that fed cats and dogs a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables before gassing them or selling them for experiments?
I never said i "want all non vewgan animals dead" what i am saying is that society seem to place a prioirity on cats and dogs above all other animals. Can you not understand this? Winograd and all his Zombies see it as a massive injustice if a dumped animal is put to sleep but they are perfectly ok and happy to support factory farmers who torture then slaughter there animals which are then fed to these excess animals which are "warehoused" in some times for years. Can you not see the hipocricy?
Winograd is a crook red dog. He has been exposed as having ties to pet food companies and breeding groups. He denounces over population which is 100% wrong. He denounced mandatory spey neuter of all companion animals which although not perfect will help!!!

Cats have specific nutritional requirements very different to dogs. As such it is very hard if not impossible for many to put there cats in vegan diets.

We should be working towards ending the cycle of over population which means animals reducing and hopefully one day stopping the animals that are killed for pet food as well as stopping the breeding so the excess animals are killed in pounds.

A chicken is a sentient being and no different to a dog or a cat. It seems you are a speciesist red dog.
What is your source of the (mis)information about Nathan Winograd? I can see that you're not serious, but I haven't figured out which troll/sock you are yet, so please go on.

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