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Inside the Mind of Temple Grandin

Here's a fascinating audio in which PeTA award-winner Dr. Temple Grandin talks about animal issues, such as what the consumer will tolerate knowing about how we use other animals, how "Ag" communicates, vegan-this and vegan-that, Pink Slime, animal "its," when bad becomes normal and when normal is presented as bad, how the European Union is over regulated in terms of animal welfare, public opinion as mob rule, nuances, and consumers' attitudes to happy meat.

L I S T E N  H E R E




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Thanks Roger for posting this.

 From the usual non-rights people have I been told of her "oneness" with the animals, and her 'extraordinary' ability to understand their  wants and desires.

Apparently, the ability to fool an animal in to its demise counts as 'unusually' understanding and empathetic'. If this is the case, the exotic rarity of such people as Temple Grandin, must surely point to a particularly 'difficult to divine' lack of difference between us and the animals we exploit.

But whats most obvious... what an appalling shill for the meat industry she is. 

If anybody mentions her again in a favorable way within my ear shot, I will quickly recommend this recording.

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