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Hi All,

I'm a charter pilot and live and work out of the New York Area.  55 years old but only vegan for a little over a year after, oh, 20 years of vegetarianism.  


I have a blog, Marty's Flying Vegan Review which you can find at

I write about the vegan meals I find on the road to show others that vegan food can be as tasty and interesting as that made with animal ingredients.  We do not lack diversity!  

I truly believe it is not hard to be a vegan on the road but it definitely takes more effort.  I'm always surprised at how much time effort and energy people will NOT put into their food choices.  Even carnivores are more likely to just eat at a place "just down the road" than to search a regions culinary delights.  In my case it's a regions vegan culinary delights.

I am a staunch abolitionist.  I believe that every animal in the queue right now is a lost cause and that our fight is for the generations of animals yet unborn.  My fight is to keep them that way.  If through my conversations with and conversions of others, welcome or not, I can save 1, 10 or 1000 animals from being eaten I've dented the economic engine just a bit.  I believe in the trickle up theory.  If we don't eat one more animal the slaughterhouse gets an order for 1 less, and the feedlot for 1 less and the farmer for 1 less.  It's hard to keep your eye on the little victories when the number is 30 billion but I'm sure I'll find some support here.


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Its great to read your introduction Marty!

I agree with you about promoting Veganism as easy, and the least other animals deserve :-)

Best wishes :-)


Hi Marty,

Welcome to ARZone!

Thanks for the link to your blog site, I'll definitely check it out.


All the best,



Hi Marty, nice to meet you! I checked out & followed your blog, good stuff!

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