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Another attack on vegans from the increasingly difficult to listen to NZ Vegan Podcast.

The presenter recounts meeting two vegans collecting for an animal welfare organisation. One has been a life-long vegan but of course that's not enough to gain any respect from a 2007 vegan. 

Why aren't they promoting veganism?, and the answer is that they have done that in North America but their experience wasn't good because "people's mindset is so strong" against veganism.

Aren't these the sorts of people abolitionist vegans need to politely talk to in terms of Donald Watson's idea of "ripening up"? Instead, they are dismissed as members of another movement that the presenter wants to destroy. No engagement with the reasons given for not promoting veganism because they are just plain wrong while the presenter knows "the truth."

This is more negativity from Francione's anti-movement faction.

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