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Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile, but I am offering The Lost Love audiobook (low-quality) for free streaming or download via YouTube, Internet Archive, and Chec to get the vegan message out to the world. The high-quality version will be available on my website March 31st.

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About The Lost Love
At the core of our being, lies the heart. The heart is what contains human emotion, including love and compassion. Though humanity wants world peace, we can’t seem to live peacefully amongst one another. Religious institutions, schools and educational systems, military and governments have done little to nothing to end the violence. Love is the solution, yet we continue to justify the violence. Why is this? The Lost Love examines why we lost our innate love for all life, and what we can do to reawaken it within us, and cultivate that to the rest of the world.

About the Author
Michael Lanfield is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Interconnectedness of Life and The Journey and also the author of The Lost Love. He is also a vegan educator, filmmaker, and certified World Peace Diet Facilitator. He has been featured on dozens of FM/AM radio stations, podcasts, various websites, magazines, and media outlets, spreading the vegan message to millions of people around the world. Inspired by Dr. Will Tuttle and Mango Wodzak, his talks are informative, inspiring, and interactive.

Published By:
We Are Interconnected

The story
It took me about one month to initially write the first draft of the book and seven months to self-publish it. The recording of the audiobook commenced just shortly after that and took several months to complete. This project (and in fact all my work) was produced on a very low budget and therefore I had to do most of the work myself, including the narration, cover design, audio editing, etc. I did reach out to many people to help provide free imagery, music, tips, proofreading, donations, and support, and therefore I am grateful to them in every possible way. It is with their love and dedication that The Lost Love is now available for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your love and interest in The Lost Love. Please spread this vital information to the world. My deepest love goes out to all of you. Do not forget to write an Amazon review and also forward your review to the email contact above.

1. Welcome
2. Introduction
3. Chapter 1: Interconnectedness
4. Chapter 2: Do Plants Feel Pain?
5. Chapter 3: Owning Animals
6. Chapter 4: We Can Live with Love
7. Chapter 5: Can We Cope in This Crazy World?
8. Chapter 6: Unconscious Spirituality
9. Chapter 7: Natural Laws
10. Chapter 8: The Meaning of Life
11. Chapter 9: The Beauty of Mother Earth
12. Chapter 10: Awakening
13. Chapter 11: A Vegan World
14. Chapter 12: Fruitarianism
15. Chapter 13: Our Journey Continues
16. Chapter 14: The World is Crying
17. Chapter 15: Is Hunting the Solution?
18. Chapter 16: The Vision for the Future
19. Afterword

Tracklist for Music
1. Be Still – Ex Confusion
2. End of the Line – Kwajbasket
3. Quasar – Michael FK
4. Beyond the Northern Wilderness – The Great Schizm
5. Ascending to the Dream Horizon – Andrew Lahiff
6. Attraction – Michael FK
7. Two Shades – Michael FK & Diversity of Silence
8. Clouds – Andrew Lahiff
9. Watching Clouds Form – Christopher Sisk
10. The First Glimmer of Wind – Lowercase Noises
11. Asclepius – Lowercase Noises
12. Aire – EUS
13. The Paintings – Andrew Lahiff
14. Artifacts of Lights – Andrew Lahiff
15. Things Will Get Better, They Just Take Time – Kwajbasket
16. Nanga Parbat (Complete Version) – The Great Schizm
17. Our Engine Needs Repair – Kwajbasket
18. The Familiar Scent of Forever – The Great Schizm
19. Glistening Impressions – Andrew Lahiff
20. Ambient Songs #6 – Lowercase Noises
21. Apothecary – Lowercase Noises
22. Trees Casting Shadows – Andrew Lahiff
23. Pulsar – Michael FK
24. Attraction – Michael FK
25. It’s Not Always Like This – Kwajbasket
26. Sucif Ni Enots – Kwajbasket
27. Nebulous Sequences (Part 9) – Hakobune
28. My Future – Kwajbasket
29. October Café – Beautumn
30. Chapter 2 – Ex Confusion
31. Chapter 5 – Ex Confusion
32. Our Dreams Are Made of Rain – Karl Verkade
33. Lullabye for the Lost (New Mix) – Karl Verkade
34. Oceanima – Purl
35. Live Forever – Moby
36. All Are One – Sophe Lux & The Mystic

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