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The Pollination Project 2017 Lisa Shapiro Awards Winners ARZone Interviews

The Pollination Project

2017  Lisa Shapiro Awards Winners

ARZone Interviews

The Pollination Project Lisa Shapiro Awards acknowledge the quiet achievers of the Global Animal Advocacy community, people who work humbly behind the scenes, creating a world in which other animals are seen as individuals, as beings who are worthy of respect and justice. 

ARZone are delighted to work with The Pollination Project to bring you these interviews with the five extraordinary advocates who have been named as the 2017 winners of the Lisa Shapiro Award. 

These awards are The Pollination Project's way of acknowledging and uplifting the dedication and hard work being done on behalf of other animals, every day, in every corner of the world.

The awards are named in memory of Lisa Shapiro, one of the original winners in 2014 who, sadly, passed away in 2015. 

Please click on each of the winners' names below for their ARZone interview. The 2017 winners of the Lisa Shapiro Awards are:


Dawa Dolker liebe (India) 

Katrina Krīgere  and Aivars Andersons  (Latvia) 

Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai  (Taiwan) 

Ms. Socorro 'Sukie' Muller Sargent (Texas, United States) 

Anonymous - Unparalleled Suffering Photography  (United States) 

Each of the individual interviews with these inspiring advocates can be found by clicking on their name. We hope that you find them as inspiring and uplifting as we did. 

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