Fun for some, and also raising money for animal protection

We have collected more than £12,000 at these APA railway station collections since they started in 2009, money that the APA would not have received otherwise. Amounts collected on each day have varied from about £250 to about £650, the number of collectors being an important factor in the totals raised. Please could I ask, could you or anyone trustworthy that you know please consider helping as a shortage of collectors has often substantially reduced the amount of money we could have collected. Even if someone only gives an hour it could be a big help.

A letter from Kat Stuart at APA Head Office about the APA projects that depend on the money raised from these collections can be read on;

P.S. Some of us wear parrot costumes when collecting. There is no compulsion to do so but you will have much more fun if you do, and you also get a lot of friendly attention, appreciative comments and much more in donations if you do.

P.P.S. Note that new station rules require that each collector needs to be able to bring and show EITHER a valid passport OR photo driving licence before being allowed to collect. This may be part of the reason why the number of collectors has fallen recently as some of our previous collectors may not have had either.

The APA can be contacted on:


Telephone  01273 674253


Time: January 9, 2015 from 2pm to 7pm

Location: Paddington Station

City/Town: London

Event Type: fundraising