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BBC 1 Debate on Big Question on 20 the February(today) was ;If Jesus came back,would he be a Catholic?He certainly would be a vegan

As per post title above,cant we have a global forum where worlds two billion Christians can consider who follow Jesus Christ to open thier inner eye of compassion,kindness and love to all beings and pose the question of churches,hierarchy and themsleves within theier hearst and soul and spsirt  that todays barbarity and absue of animals would make Jesus sad,tearfull and would urge his billions of followers on mother earth to go vegan.

Indeed,one lady on the panel with ex Lib Dem leader charles kennedey on the panle as well,did say that according to her,Jesus would come back more likely as a woman.

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Comment by Ravi on February 25, 2011 at 19:57

Many would beg the question:why are men regressive and conservative and try and hold on to fixed principles and status quo when one looks around the world and universe and its vastness,all creation of Supreme being,which is in constant motion,movement,rotation and a never ending journey till death does part humans ,high or low,black or white,christian,Jew ,Hindu,Muslim etc etc from mortal mother earth?

Indeed,Churches held out against Galileo for 300 years that the earth was round and rotated round its axis and went round the other planet.Indeed,60 yeas ago Britihs were fighting african kikuyus Mau Maus in Kenya,a bloody under ground battles and savage at that when the folsk wanted freedom which Ghandiji had unleashed in india through non violence.who would have dreamed than that son of an African Kenyan would be President of America today,Obama and who would be talking with Britihs Pm to do something about libya and coming to Buckingham palalce on state visit.

hence,the challenge is how can we change perceptions,deep set beliefs of folks with reason,logic and argument in a civilised,open,transparent manner  like the Big Question tries to do ON BBC1 sunday programme hosted by Nikki,a catholic and educate the masses and bring up the world,churches and estbalishemnt upto speed and help to save the world by going vegan and castigating halal,kosher and dead flesh eating,wearing of animal furs and skins as history and beggining top down with Royals and all.phew.cry freedoms,cry justice,cry equity ,cry compassion and love fro all beings and go Vegan.Pax Vobiscum and Gloria in Excelsis Deo and Jai Bujrangbali.Hari Om Tutsat and Hare Krishna.


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