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Changing to Earth Friendly Animal Friendly Products Part 1

I was recently going through PETA & The National Anti-Vivisection Society.   Looking at what companies still use animals to test their products.  And what products those companies make.   


As I'm going along making the list of what products are now NOT okay to buy.  I was overwhelmed at the number of products I now Refuse to use!   Just about Everything I buy, is from a company or subsidiary of the company that still tests on animals.    So this is going to take some doing.   Products already bought, it's done, will use them up.   But as I go along to replace them.   I will be looking for not only Animal Friendly, But Earth Friendly products as well.    


So today, I was at the store, and needed to buy laundry detergent.  Believe it or not, as I was browsing through the store, and where I went today was Walmart.   They actually offer quite a few options for earth friendly, animal friendly products.   I was quite surprised.   But relieved that I won't have to by everything online.


So I'm starting out with trying a Laundry detergent called ECOS.  An earth friendly, animal friendly product.  Website .....

I bought a 128 oz bottle for $8.97 which is about average price compared to the Toxic, non-friendly detergents.    This is supposed to yield 128 HD loads or 64 standard.   


Little by little I will be replacing everything I use in my home, from deodorant, shampoo, cosmetics, dish soap, dishwasher soap, you name it.   Everything is going to be earth friendly, animal friendly!   And I will blog as I go along.   What works and what doesn't work.   So.  We shall see, how this ECOS works.  However, mind you, I'm using it in extremely hard water.  So we shall see.   But when one fails, I will just keep trying til I find the right one.   There are quite a few environmentally, animal friendly companies out there these days.   Which was a nice thing to know!  


Also looking at cosmetics.  For those of you who use cosmetics.   I have always pretty much used Cover Girl & Maybelline.   Well, BOTH use animals to test!   So OUT they go!   However, Revlon & Almay are animal friendly.   So, will be checking in to those.  Although I have not done so yet.  Am going to see if there is such a thing as earth friendly cosmetics!   


When looking at products in a store, there are 2 labels that will let you know if their a friendly buy, as I will call it from now on.    2 bunnies or the leaping bunny, tells  you it's free of animal testing.  




And this logo is just what it says....








To check a product you currently use, to see if it's a friendly buy, go to this link, The National Anti-Vivisection website.  Type in the company or the name of the product.   It will then display whether or not it's safe.


Also, you can check the product/company list I have already made up.  See if it's here first.  In fact, go to this list regardless.   For along with each company and the products they make.   I also have contact information.    I urge you to write to each one, telling them you plan on Boycotting all products they make until they stop testing on Animals!




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