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China:~UPDATE 2,800 Rescued Cats in Wuhan, Adoptions Occurring For Lucky Cats

Following on from the first posts on the rescue of 2,800 cats in the early hours of 14th January 2014 on their way to slaughter in Wuhan (please see this link to read the story from the beginning:-, the activists had been working through the day and night to free the cats from the 20cm high bamboo crates that they had been crammed inside of for the truck journey to Nanning for slaughter. Removing the cats from these crates, the activists placed them into their own bigger cages and gave them food, water and medicines if necessary.

The whole story has been reported in newspapers in Wuhan and on TV making this a very successful rescue. So, as well as being shared on Chinese social networking sites, more people are now aware what has happened over the last few days. 

The traffickers have had physical and verbal altercations with the activists. Many of the cats had collars on meaning they were much loved STOLEN family pets. The activists also had the heartbreaking task of separating the cats that survived the ordeal from some who weren’t so lucky and who had died. Seeing photos in the news of trucks full of dogs or cats like this one is only the start of a very long, tiring and upsetting process. These activists sacrifice their own time to stay with the cats for however long the process takes. Some of them took the opportunity to catch some sleep, anywhere they could find, while others stayed up to monitor the cats who were sleeping too, safe and with room to move in the larger cages. Activists covered the rows of cages with coats, sheets and blankets to keep the cats warm and out of the cold draughts. These people who do this are heroes. It’s easy to get mad and call for boycotts and type hateful names but we have to remember that seeing photos and videos is different to seeing it first hand. The activists hear the pitiful cries, hold the tired bodies of living and dead cats. We have to work WITH the Chinese people, share their stories, help them by donating so that they can help more lives. Hand In Hand, working together.

Photos sourced and translation by NT

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