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Email from the "Get Britain Out" campaign Jan 2013

Have just received the following:


. . . My article for The Commentator exposed the brutal new EU animal testing rules that came into force on 1st January.  This legislation allows all sorts disturbing activities to take place including the beheading of birds, the bludgeoning of puppies and kittens and animal testing on stray pets – which could in fact be your own pets at some time in the future. . .  The EU clearly does not care about the rights of animals, who cannot speak up for themselves.  It is crucial the public understands the EU has increased its legislation on the testing of more ingredients in foods, chemicals, herbal medicines, cosmetics and perfumes meaning more and more animals have to be used and abused in this way.

Last week in The Sun we exposed the shameless pro-EU propaganda now circulating in our schools.  As well as the obvious moral dubiousness of distributing misleading and biased pro-Euro political propaganda to our children, this also gives an insight into the warped perspective of the Eurocrats.  If the average Greek or Spaniard was asked to describe the results of the Euro project, then it seems somewhat unlikely they would use phrases like “better performing economies” and “sounder public finances”.  

On Wednesday I appeared on the Finnish TV station YLE to talk about why we need to Get Britain Out of the EU.  Our efforts are now being recognised internationally.  You can watch the interview by clicking here, scroll forward to 16.43 to see their feature on the EU and my interview.

We have been quoted in The Daily Express on the subject of David Cameron’s continued and deliberate referendum ambiguity.  From leaks to the press we understand David Cameron will give his long-awaited EU speech on 22nd January in the Netherlands.  The Spectator suggests the Prime Minister will only commit to renegotiation after the 2015 general election and will put “renegotiated” terms to a referendum in 2018. Nick Clegg was even quoted in the Daily Mail today saying that as a Dutch speaker he will be there to “give a translation – from double Dutch to just Dutch”!

Time is running out and a vote in 2018 is unacceptable.  Article 16 of the Fiscal Union Treaty incorporates fiscal union into EU law by 2017.  We are                          bound by EU law and will find ourselves in fiscal union as a consequence.

Renegotiation therefore is simply impossible.  Only this week, on a visit to London, Gunther Krichbaum, the chairman of Germany’s European affairs committee said, “Britain risks being ‘isolated’ and leaving the EU would weaken its position in the world.  You cannot create a political future if you are blackmailing other states.” He also suggested any efforts by Mr Cameron to renegotiate our relationship would be blocked to stop other EU member states making their own demands.

So who is “blackmailing” who?   We are a strong country, we produce excellent goods and we can trade throughout the world.  The EU’s laws, regulations and Directives are holding us back and forcing small businesses to adhere to irrelevant EU rules.

We demand an In/Out EU referendum before the next election – before it is too late for the UK.

Get Britain Out will carry on doing our best to make sure this happens by keeping up the pressure on our politicians, and never allowing them to forget the Great British Public want their country back. . .

Tim Aker, Campaign Manager


Are we more effective for animals In the EU or out of it?

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Comment by Uptight Primate on April 5, 2013 at 22:07

It's worth noting that last month the EU banned the sale of cosmetics tainted by animal testing - the UK Government were not to keen on this ban and the EU has forced it through in the face of incrediblle lobbying from industry.

I believe that the UK Govt would not have brought in this ban.


Comment by Uptight Primate on January 22, 2013 at 23:51

Interesting post.

Are we more effective for animals in our out of the EU?

Well regarding the EU Directive on animal experiments: while it is sadly true that the UK Govt (as expected) has used this opportunity to lower the protection offered to animals in our labs, many EU countries had no or appallingly poor regulations in their labs – so in many other countries the situation for animals in labs should improve – taken as read that they shouldn’t be in labs at all! (PS there won’t be any clubbing to death of puppies or kittens or any use of stray animals in the UK – thanks to successful campaigning by some of the major groups)

The phasing out of cosmetic testing on animals and traditional battery cages came about through the EU. Again nothing to shout about – but would any of these changes have come about without the EU? Personally I doubt it – and especially under a Tory Govt. Some of the suggestions from the EU have been considered as going too far by UK Govts. The EU is ahead of us on habitat protection and pollutions issues – both of which impact on animals.

On another note what about the human rights act? Not only would we have been unlikely to have such legislation without the EU – the Tories are already trying to undo and undermine it.

I’m not sure myself (simply as I’ve not got the time to really research and get up to speed about membership of the EU and all the issues this impacts on)  there’s good and bad points about it from all angles – not just animals. I feel uncomfortable with this jingoistic UKIP style attitude towards it though. 

There is a symposium on improving animal welfare in the EU next month:

The key messages from the evaluation are as follows:

1. Targeted EU animal welfare legislation has improved the welfare of many of Europe’s farm and experimental animals, but more could be achieved with stronger and more consistent enforcement of existing rules. By extending the scope of EU welfare legislation, other groups of animals could benefit from higher welfare standards.

That seem like a reasonable approach.


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