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2014 is the Year of the Horse. 

Were you or your family born in the year of the horse? Check some of the dates below;
15th Feb 1942 – 4th Feb 1943
3rd Feb 1954 – 23rd January 1955
21st Jan 1966 – 8th Feb 1967
7th Feb 1978 – 27th Jan 1979
27th Jan 1990 – 14th Feb 1991
12th Feb 2002 – 31st Jan 2003
31st January 2014 – 18th Feb 2015
Lucky Colors: brown, yellow and purple
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3 and 7
Lucky Flowers: calla lily, jasmine and marigold
Best match: tiger, sheep and dog

What the horse symbolises:-
Chinese people believe the horse is one of the most important creatures in the world for mankind to befriend. The elegant horse symbolizes a strong character with aspiration for straightforward momentum and goals. It is believed that those who are born in the Year of the Horse usually have superior manners, and they pay more attention to their appearance in terms of style and accessories. They tend to be generous and like extravagance. Generally, they are free-spirited, liberated, and always on the move, yearning for the freedom to roam. Their attitude toward everything is positive and straightforward. As independent as the horse, they don’t like to be suppressed and they don’t easily accept help from others. Usually open-minded, it is easy for them to make a wide range of friends. Their eloquence and talent of persuasion make them natural leaders. Being cheerful and kind, they can also get along easily with other people. Gifted with insightful comprehension, they often seem to know what others are thinking. However, once difficulties and frustrations arise, they can be impatient and tend to shift direction easily. They dislike doing things alone and are most satisfied when they are embraced, acclaimed, and admired by others on a team. Horse people are high-spirited and witty. At critical moments, they have a flair for making the best of a situation, which makes them quite impressive.
To find your Chinese zodiac sign click here:-

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