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Bad medicine - The human cost of animal experiments

Since uploading this film onto ARzone Patrick Rattigan has informed me that this YouTube version has been "doctored" by a rogue group. Please therefore instead watch the correct version, which can be seen on;

This video will reveal many facts that you will not hear from the traditional "Anti Vivisection" societies. It shows that use of animal in experiments does great damage not only to human health but to the environment also. Many of the "traditional" AV societies advocate finding "alternatives", which implies that animal experiments must, in fact, be useful to us in some way - we do not need to to find "alternative" ways of doing great damage to human health and to the environment. It is unfortunate that the video begins with many clips of lab. animals being very shockingly abused - many of these scenes are probably far worse than anything on videos produced by traditional AV societies - if you find these scenes too unpleasant to watch I would urge you to look away from the screen for the first 5 minutes of the film as the scientific arguments presented are too important to miss.

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