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Equanimal and CAS International Demonstrating against Bullfighting

ARZone member Sergio Tarreo writes: "Video I produced from last Saturday's protest in Madrid, in which 500 people formed a human chain around the bullfighting ring Las Ventas, to demand the abolition of bullfighting. Subtitles in English and Spanish (for the deaf) available there under CC. Also, switch the resolution to 720p for best quality.

The Equanimal vimeo link is the official link ( ). But I thought I'd offer this so that you English speakers can watch it and understand right away. Also, it just came 'out of the oven' with the English subtitles, and I wanted to share it with you guys. :) Enjoy!"

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Comment by Billy L on June 18, 2012 at 20:56

I think more and more public demonstrations like this is desperately needed from ARA's around the world. Seeing this many individuals surround this bullfighting ring is very heartening and inspirational!

This reminded me of the other recently promoted lawful, nonviolent campaigns and actions of Animal Equality

and Sea Shepherd (destroying property of illegal actors is nonviolent - since it is stopping unjust violence)

Thanks to Sergio!


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