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At the request of Citizens for a Better Montreal I am submitting their petition to save pit bulls in their city and hope all of you will sign it. Here is that petition:

URGENT: Montreal Pitbull Ban Petition Update 10/6 Update

Link to Petition:

Citizens for a Better Montreal

Oct 7, 2016 As many of you may already know, the breaking news yesterday out of Montreal, is the judge decided that the ban will hold until the legal case with the city and the SPCA is settled.


The Mayor of Montreal says they will appeal it.

Unfortunately our petition hasn't been growing much as of lately, we need to change that. We are aware it may seem like this is over, however, sadly it is far from it, especially with the appeal likely coming.

This is the tipping point.....

Who will stand up, animal lovers/pitbull supporters or the opposing side?

We need everyone to push this to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

That means share it on Facebook and Twitter.
Send it to Facebook pages so that they can share it.
Send it to Radio stations so that they can share it.
Share it with celebrities on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and get them to share it.

We are going to eliminate BSL everywhere, starting with Montreal. but ONLY with your continued persistent support.

One final note, we ask that each of you, refrain from being negative, or speaking negatively about those with the opposing views. We are going to take the high road.

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