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Industry-created chart on "Animal-Related Philosophies"

Created by the pro-animal exploitation corporate lobbying group National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA):
"Overview of Animal-Related Philosophies, Organizations & Some Guidelines to Recognizing Patterns"

This is an interesting chart with six categories ranging from "Animal Abuse" to "Animal Liberation."

In my view, the first four categories (abuse, use, control, welfare) are all speciesist and have the same practical result - human tyranny over other animals. As for the last two categories (rights, liberation), I think a radical view of animal rights coincides with animal liberation, thus the differences are mainly philosophical.

What do you think?

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Wow, this page is an eye opener. That NAIA org is also tax-free, while they lobby against humane legislation. Their name implies an interest in animals, one would presume animal welfare. They are far from the truth with that presumption. Of course they lobbied in favor of the AETA, which protect the meat/dairy corporations finacial well-being at the price of freedom for Americans.  They are big on Iams food research using animals for the cruel lab experiments. I like the caption that says they are a Front Group-or just one of the Front Groups. My momma would say, "they are really wolves in sheeps clothing" just ready to devour! I learned this the hard way on Facebook as I liked a group for conservation but later investigated them to find they support hunting as a conservation effort! I did quickly change my mind on liking them. It was deceptive to me. Late tonight-got to sleep-but thanks for the information and reminder!

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