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Introduction to Animal Rights - David Sztybel

David Sztybel, Ph.D. "Overview of Animal Ethics - Analysis" a lecture filmed by Michael Sizer with audio by Jayme Dunlap January 10, 2013  …

Started by Animal Rights ZoneLatest Reply

Animal rights literature, old and new

Started by Pranav MerchantLatest Reply

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On the Claws of a Dilemma ~ Lee Hall

On the Claws of a Dilemma Written by Lee Hall Vegans and Cat Rescue For a vegan, caring for a cat is no easy feat. Dogs have broader diets…

Started by Animal Rights Zone

0 Feb 9, 2020

Intention Does Matter ~ Benny Malone

Intention Does Matter Written by Benny Malone I was saddened recently to read about the large number of deaths of wild birds due to the ha…

Started by Animal Rights Zone

0 Feb 3, 2020

International Day fpr Chickens

Once again it will be the International Respect for Chickens Day to be held on May 4th of this year. My contribution to this event will be…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 May 2, 2018

Two Bills to Make Mockery of the Words, Wildlife Refuge

There are two bills if passed will make a mockery of the word, "refuge" when applied to our so called, “National Wildlife Refuges”.  The fi…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 Oct 15, 2017

The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights (in a Little Historical Context).

The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights (in a Little Historical Context).   Written by Dr. Roger Yates Much is made of the unique, grou…

Started by Animal Rights Zone

1 Jul 25, 2017
Reply by Corey Wrenn

2 Myths About Cats Not True

The Humane Society of The United States through it's Animal Sheltering Magazine has proven that cats very rarely carry rabies or toxoplasmo…

Started by Richard W. Firth

1 May 27, 2017
Reply by Kerry Baker

Get H.R. 1243 (The BEST Act Passed)

Again thanks to Congressman Johnson of Georgia, he has reintroduced his bill, The Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training Practice…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 Mar 29, 2017

We Must Stop This Genocide of Our Wildlife

Trap Free Montana is urging everyone to contact Congress to stop funding Wildlife Services, a mass murderer of our wildlife.] Here is what…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 Mar 20, 2017

Questions You Need to Ask before Purchasingn an Duckling or Baby Chick

As we approach this Easter Season, the thought of many parents is to get a duckling to raise as a pet for their children.  Unfortunately th…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 Mar 6, 2017

Not Concerned about Animals but Concerned about Wasteful Spending

Even if you are not concerned about animals but are concerned about getting wasteful spending in Congress using your hard earned tax dollar…

Started by Richard W. Firth

0 Jan 4, 2017




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