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Once again it will be the International Respect for Chickens Day to be held on May 4th of this year. My contribution to this event will be to establish the fact these birds are highly intelligent, contrary to the way most people feel about them.

Science Now Confirms this fact:

Contrary to the view once held by conventional ornithology that birds are mentally inferior to mammals and that chickens, turkeys, quails and other ground-nesting birds are “unquestionably low in the scale of avian evolution,” science now shows that birds are as intelligent as mammals (“it is now clear that birds have cognitive capacities equivalent to those of mammals”) and that “the chicken is not an inferior
species to be treated merely as a food source.”--Dr. Lesley J. Rogers, The Development of Brain and Behaviour In the Chicken

After reading his statement it is hoped you will have a greater understanding of the value of this bird and give it the respect and admiration it truly deserves.

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