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Norfolk pig farm suspended by Freedom Food over 'disgusting' footage

An RSPCA food welfare scheme has suspended a Norfolk pig farm from its label while it investigates potential animal welfare "failures" at the site.

Little Thorns farm, near Swaffham, was dropped by Freedom Food after it featured in "disgusting" footage.

A film was released apparently showing pigs being beaten at two East Anglian Pig (EAP) Company farms, one being Little Thorns.

EAP said it does not tolerate animal mistreatment and is investigating.

An undercover film of alleged pig mistreatment was released to the media by animal rights group Animal Equality on Sunday.

Footage shows a piglet being hit on the head with a bar, pigs being hit with a hammer, kicked and slapped, and another being thrown over a gate, appearing injured afterwards.

Lee Grant, chief executive of Freedom Food, said: "I know personally and I know my colleagues were absolutely disgusted by what we saw on the footage that was obtained there [at Little Thorns] late last year.

The RSPCA said it had 'serious concerns' about some of what is shown in the footage
"It is absolutely unacceptable. We will not tolerate practices like that on farms where we have certificates in place.

"That is not what consumers expect when they buy Freedom Food."

Mr Grant added that practices he saw at Little Thorns were "extremely rare" and was "convinced" that it did not happen at other farms under the Freedom Food label.

Freedom Food logos are added to the packaging of foods that meet strict RSPCA welfare standards.

The Piggery, at Didlington, which is also part of the campaigners' footage, is not part of the Freedom Foods scheme.

The RSPCA said it would not be pursuing an investigation at The Piggery after it saw the film and subsequently paid a visit to the farm last week.

A spokesman for EAP, based near Norwich, said it was carrying out a full internal investigation into the handling of livestock.

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EAP said it does not tolerate animal mistreatment and is investigating.


The RSPCA said it had 'serious concerns' about some of what is shown in the footage
"It is absolutely unacceptable. We will not tolerate practices like that on farms where we have certificates in place.

Seriously? That's all  they have "serious concerns" about? There is no mention of the fact that these very same pigs will be slaughtered? 

I know I've said this before, but if I were given a choice of being hit on the head with an iron bar, or slaughtered and eaten, I'd choose the iron bar every time, and I'd want those who claimed to be advocating for me to focus on that "mistreatment" as well. 

typical disgusting an disapointing welfarist approach to this suposed scandal . ther is so much hypocrisy hear i hardly know wher to start .

aparently the rspca ,who were so revolted by what this investigation revealed,would hapily stand by an watch sentient beings being murderd by more conventionaly aceptable methods without turning a hair - certainly without feeling the "absolute disgust "that this footage prompted.aparently methods of torture which our society has come to acept as "normal" would be worthy of the label freedom foods . this is typical of our species bizarre an inconsistant moral standards with regard to other animals -ther is nothing wrong with cutting ther throats an letting them bleed to death,shackling them upside down an gutting them while stil alive ,mutilating them for our convenianse,imprisoning an raping them, an tearing ther familys apart, but we must be careful not to upset them unduly before doing so. because kicking an slapping your vicitms before stunning ,gutting an skinning them is obviusly completly uncalled for. 

what is particularly disturbing is the reaction of many so called animal activists to this news. many people i know were celebrating the results of the investigation an congratulating the companys who disasociated themselves from little thorns  before going elsewher to pay for the kind of murder our speciesist society doesnt object is amazing that so few people realize that this kind of reaction doesnt represent progres,but only a faliure to grasp the real issue - that ANY animal use is a rights violation . ANY animal use, however it looks on camera an however sanctioned by tradition , is "absolutly unaceptable".

to encourage the persepton of a division between what is viewed by the wider (speciesist) world as aceptable an unaceptable forms of use,an to argue over the niseties of our treatment of nonhuman prisoners an slaves without attacking the system that allows ther imprisonment an slavery ,is pointless an counter productiv . the purpose of this investigation- to expose the truth about animal use - is defeated when so called activists focus insted on  "cruelty" in individual cases. as though suffering could posibly be avoided wher living creatures are used for our own purposes whatever the circumstanses. 

this is wher welfarist scum in the AR movement hav got us -a briliant action lik this investigation ends up bein used to legitimize animal use ,by implying that suffering is the exseption an not unavoidable .

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