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Professor Gary. L. Francione - Jan 23/24 Celebrity Guest Chat in AR Zone


Distinguished Professor of Law, Scholar of Law and Philosophy, award winning author and one of the world's leading animal advocates for the past 25 years, Professor Francione is looking forward to discussing his theories and thoughts this weekend with AR Zone members.

This is a chance to speak directly with one of the most innovative animal advocates in the world.

You MUST be pre-registered to speak directly with Professor Francione, and may do so by leaving a message in this thread, contacting Carolyn directly or emailing me at

Questions will be limited, so please register soon to reserve your place to speak directly with Professor Francione.

3pm ....... Saturday 23rd - Pacific time
4pm ....... Saturday 23rd - Mountain time
5pm ....... Saturday 23rd - Central time
6pm ....... Saturday 23rd - Eastern time

6pm ....... Saturday 23rd - Toronto

11pm ...... Saturday 23rd - UK Time

9am ....... Sunday 24th - Brisbane
10am ...... Sunday 24th - Sydney/Melbourne

Further time zones are available at .. or feel free to ask Jamie or Carolyn for more information.

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Good to hear about this. Thanks.
I won't be around tonight when the discussion takes place but I would be really grateful if someone could ask Gary to expand on his views of direct action. I am under the impression rightly or wrongly that he opposes all illegal action in relation to AR activity. Is this correct? If so , does that not imply that all laws are more important than all animals' lives? If he does not oppose all (AR) illegal action , what sorts of action does he support ? Thank you in advance.
Excited! =D
I'm really looking forward to this discussion with Prof Gary Francione. I'm off to do some research and see if I can come up with an intelligent question.
Looking forward to it!
Will there be a transcript of the chat or is there already one and if so where can I find it?
There is a transcript, as the chat went for 6 and a half hours, the transcript is taking quite some time to finish though. I hope to have it up ASAP. I'll send everyone a message letting them know it's available as soon as I post it.
Thanks :-)
I'm looking forward to the transcript ... I wish I could have stayed for the full six and a half hours, but I had no idea it would run so long. Maybe it should have been a chat series?
6 hours? Wow, that's what I call dedication. Gary Francione is amazing.
it was great red dog, he was very generous to stay for so long. We had no idea it would be so long either, but it was 6 and a half hours well spent. Next time we'll kick him out sooner! :-) The transcript will be up by the end of the week, hopefully.
No, don't kick him out! It's great that he chatted for so long, just too bad I had other plans.

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