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The Struggle for Animal Rights - Video featuring Martin Balluch

In this 53 minute video presentation Martin Balluch explains how the approach taken by activists in Austria has resulted in some of the most progressive legal reforms in the world.

Please watch it.

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Tim, excellent--and encouraging--talk.  Thanks for sharing.  I've often pondered the relative lack of confrontational activism in the United States and have wondered whether it would be effective here.  On the one hand, based on the Austrian successes Martin Balluch describes, I think confrontational activism could be useful; but then again, part of the reason confrontational activism worked in Austria is because of strong public support for activists, support that I think no one would say is present in the United States.

This may be a "chicken and egg" scenario, however, and initially confrontational activism in the US may be despised, but eventually as awareness spreads confrontational activism may become more effective here as well.  Maybe it's time for there to be US groups that ARE confrontational like Animal Equality, Animal Liberation Victoria, and the Austrian activists, that is, they STAY confrontational and sustain that in-your-face activism...

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