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A New Zealand dog mourning her murdered puppies:

she desperately tried to save them, took them out of the water where a scumbag had thrown them, tied up in a bag and has mourned them for a whole week, severely distressed, howling, laying motionless in her kennel.......

just as a human mother would do! yes we are absolutely the same! that dog clearly feels sorrow , grief, and sadness after the death of her puppies......

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Hello blackpanther. Thanks for sharing this terribly sad news story of a tragic mother, and her unsuccessfull attempts to rescue her babies who had been murdered. I expect her grief is ongoing although now it may be less acute, and not so obvious, as she has progressed from the initial stage expressed by her sustained howling in severe mental pain.

I think we can be confident that Faith's tragic story has touched the hearts and minds of many people. Consequently I think we can assume that their will be many who will offer to adopt her. I expect someone will be chosen who will do their utmost to ensure that she gets the love, consideration and respect that she, and every other nonhuman being, deserves.



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