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Being vegan: dealing with family and friends by Dr Karen Morgan (The Vegan magazine - Autumn 2010)

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Is it possible to give the text of this article so that I can read it? I have clicked on the link, and it's only possible to see a representation of the page in a very weird applet that will not allow magnification. The type size is about four point, or maybe even two point. Miniscule, and quite impossible to read.

I also tried to sign up to the site, and it wouldn't accept ANY username that I chose. I tried 20 or 30, then ran out of ideas. Very strange.

I'm not sure Kath (I don't know if this viewer is flash, javascript, or a pdf reader built into browsers - or something else entirely).

I would suggest maybe trying a couple different browsers - do a search for firefox, explorer, chrome, sea monkey - and make sure you have all updates on your computer. 



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