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Easygoing Speciesism ~ Dr. Roger Yates

Moy Park Ireland, chicken exploiters from Northern Ireland, are running a new publicity drive in the Republic, featuring TV advertisements and the usual billboards and posters.

Their TV ad is featured HERE and is based on a family rushing home to enjoy various types of "chicken." The audio on the ad takes the form of a commentary from a horse race - why feature just one type of speciesist exploitation when two is obviously better? 

On other pages of their website, they extol the virtues of the broiler unit (see HERE) - note that the filming was done in extremely low density conditions.

It all reminds me of a quote I used (here) - How do we justify our treatment of nonhumans?  We lie - to ourselves and to each other, about our species and about others.  Deceptive language perpetuates speciesism...  Like sexism or racism...speciesism can’t survive without lies. Joan Dunayer, Animal Equality: Language and Liberation.


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