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Paul Vogel | Roy Carroll - Snowlady and Adrian asleep together

The Snowlady story is a long one . I am a vegan educator and
have friends ( Jacek and Aga) who rescue cats. Snowlady is one such.
She was rescued in Dublin and was unhappy with the other cats at the
sanctuary but made friends with Adrian who moved to Brno in the Czech
Republic shortly afterwards. So last summer Jacek and I drove her across
Europe to Brno. A long journey for a cat. She was not very comfortable
spending the journey hiding in the back of the car and just as we got to
the Czech border we stopped to sleep in the car. We awoke to find
Snowlady purring loudly and looking wide eyed out of the window at a
forest. She had never seen a forest before. I think she at that moment
realised the possibilities for adventure life has to offer and for the
first time I experienced her as truly alive. I'll never forget it. It
was one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen and heard. We drove
on to Brno and Adrian's apartment. We were all exhausted and went to
sleep on the floor. Jacek and I on the floor, Adrian on the bed and
snowlady underneath. I awoke to find her exploring the room and then
going back to sleep, so that's it Snowlady and Adrian were asleep
The music was was made by me recording Clarinet in Dublin and sending it to Roy in Berlin to process. We had looked for an Irish
arts council grant to perform at the i and e festival but did not get it
so we had no time for rehearsal and the performance at the festival
could have been better. Anyway there are several more tracks which I see
as relating to Snowlady's journey but this one is the final piece and
the most contemplative.

Paul Vogel - A member of the Bristol Musicians Co-Op in the late seventies, Paul Vogel is currently a
co-curator of i-and-e alongside David Lacey. Incorporating electronics
with live clarinet performance, Vogel has composed music for radio and
for contemporary dance groups and has also worked and recorded with many
international improvisers, including Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson,
Angharad Davies, Mark Wastell and Keith Rowe. He has released recordings
on Homefront, Confront and Cathnor.

Roy Carroll -

"Snowlady and Adrian asleep together" (10:42)

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