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Looking for motivation to sign pledge to boycott Namibia?

Each seal skin sells for $7.00 It takes between 6-8 skins to make a fur coat. One fur coat sells for $30 000.00 

The money does not stay in Namibia to benefit the economically disadvantaged workers, who have their human dignity assaulted on a daily basis by beating hundreds of baby seals to death.

These uneducated people are exploited in the extreme. They are kept in position of squalor and poverty, utterly dependent on the meager seasonal slaughter in order to survive. They live in makeshift corrugated tin shacks and earn the equivalent of $8 per day for their labor. 

There is no profit sharing scheme in place. They have no access to trauma counselling. Drug and alcohol abuse is rife. Domestic violence is common.

An independent report shows eco-tourism could yield THREE HUNDRED TIMES more revenue and create a multitude of jobs ALL YEAR ROUND.

Rather than uplift this impoverished community, the corrupt government of Namibia refuses to look into this viable alternative for their people.

Instead, without any scientific evidence, the government continues to blame seals for a decline in fish stocks and slaughters these gentle animals in their tens of thousands, thus upsetting the delicate balance of a fragile Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)

By putting pressure on the country's tourism industry through a boycott, you will help us to force the government to change their cruel and unethical seal slaughter policy.

You can join the pledge to boycott Namibia here

You can sign our petitions to end the madness here

Please share this message as widely as possible. Namibia, her seals and her people need your support. 
You can also find us on Facebook

Or check out our website 


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