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Wanted: Dead or Alive?

Zambia bows under pressure to the trigger happy.

In January of 2013, wildlife enthusiasts around the world applauded Zambia for following Kenya and Botswana’s lead in implementing a ban on all trophy hunts. Sylvia Masebo, Minister of Tourism and Arts, publicly acknowledged much support for the move and proclaimed Zambia’s wildlife to be worth more alive than dead. Sadly, the…


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Safari to Namibia?

Looking for motivation to sign pledge to boycott Namibia?

Each seal skin sells for $7.00 It takes between 6-8 skins to make a fur coat. One fur coat sells for $30 000.00 

The money does not stay in Namibia to benefit the economically disadvantaged workers, who have their human dignity assaulted on a daily basis…

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Reward offered

We are offering a R5 000.00 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone found to be shooting or in any way intentionally harming seals in South Africa.

For more information refer to The Seals of…


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Demand the maximum penalty for NZ seal killer

In December of 2010, Jemaal Peter Roy Large of Wairu Valley is alleged to have beaten 23 seals to death with a galvanised steel pipe.

The dead include 2 bulls, 13 females and 8 pups; some of which were only a few days old. According to the Dept. of Conservation, other live seals also had injuries suggesting that they too had been struck.

These seals were knowingly and willfully beaten to death while they lay sleeping on the beach at night. This blatant, cowardly act of cruelty…


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Fury over fur

Picture a fox, with its bloody leg mangled in the jaws of a steel jawed trap, tearing ligaments, pulling muscles as it thrashes around in abject terror in a vain attempt to get free.

Picture the fox breaking teeth, lacerating gums as it bites the cold steel that holds it prisoner. Imagine how it must feel for 1 in 3 foxes who will chew their own legs off as a desperate bid to escape, only to die a sad and painful death as a result of infection, blood loss,…


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Namibia: Ombudsman not living up to his mandate to protect seals

The Namibian ombudsman, currently Adv. John Walters, is mandated by the constitution of Namibia under Articles 89-94. He has the power to take direct action in providing relief by bringing forth an interdict or other suitable remedy as a means to secure the termination of the offending action or the abandonment or the alteration of the offensive procedures as complained against.

As a hybrid institution, the office of the ombudsman incorporates the public protector,…


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Namibian seal massacre - Contact the media!!

36 days to the Namibian seal massacre, considered to be the cruelest hunt in the world. Namibia is the only place on earth which allows savage killers into a breeding colony where they are free to beat 85 000 baby animals who are still dependent on their mothers to death. This is an iniquitous disgrace. Agree? Read on.…


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Stop Namibia's cruel seal hunt

Each year in Namibia, 85 000 baby seals are cruelly beaten to death for their fur in. A further 6 000 adult bull seals are shot at point blank range so…


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Horrific case of cruelty

Horror! Warning, graphic images!

This article first appeared in 2007. Investigations are still underway. 


Neal Rodgers of Vinemont, Alabama had two beagles and after hunting the previous weekend he allowed them to run loose in a rural part of Vinemont located on County Road 1428.
Sunday morning, when he went to feed his dogs, an alarming sight greeted him. His three year old beagle, Anne, showed up bleeding. Initially he thought she may have been…

Added by Pat Dickens on March 7, 2011 at 13:30 — 9 Comments

The Seals of Nam - A true horror story

The Cape Fur Seal is listed on appendix 2 of CITES as endangered. Each year, 85 000 baby seals, still dependent on their mothers are beaten to death at Cape Cross and Atlas bay in Namibia. A further 6000 bulls are shot. It is the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth and responsible for more deaths than the Canadian cull.


The Namibian government tamper with the actual seal population figures, they inflate their numbers to justify a higher quota. See this link …


Added by Pat Dickens on February 24, 2011 at 1:47 — 1 Comment


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