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VegInspiration. The Inner Feminine ~ Dr. Will Tuttle

The inner feminine is our intuition, our sensitivity, and our ability to sense the profound interconnectedness of events and beings, and it is vital to peace, wisdom, joy, intelligence, creativity, and spiritual
awakening. With every baby calf stolen from her mother and killed, with
every gallon of milk stolen from enslaved and broken mothers, with
every thrust of the raping sperm gun, with every egg stolen from a
helpless, frantic hen, and with every baby chick killed or locked for
life in a hellish nightmare cage, we kill the sacred feminine within
ourselves. By ordering and eating products from the industrial herding
complex that dominates the feminine with an iron fist, we squelch our
opportunities for maturing to higher levels of understanding,
sensitivity, and compassion. We remain merely ironic in our quests.

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