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I've been watching the evolution of the anti-capitalist #OccupyWallStreet protests ( on social media (given its boycott by most mainstream media) over the past few days, as it spreads across 50+ US cities as well as abroad (plans are afoot to occupy several Australian cities as well).

As I watched their livestream there have been regular requests for food donations to cater for vegetarians/vegans. There's also been some blogging on the matter (eg. and a news report mentioned that an 'animal rights' working group has been set up as part of the 'general assembly' consensus approach to establishing key demands. I'm watching with interest and trying to support those protestors who are striving to help the occupation join the dots between the oppression of humans and other animals. If you're still exploring these connections, or new to the site like me, check out the Speciesism and Capitalism podcast (No. 9) on this site which discusses David Nibert's ideas on oppression and the 'entanglements thesis' - I highly recommend it.

Thought there might be some interest in this development here. Perhaps there are some ARZone members directly involved who could keep us in the loop?

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Hi Helen, 

I've not been following the Occupy Wall Street protests, but I'm going to try and catch up on what's going on ASAP. I absolutely agree though that all forms of oppression are interrelated. Do you have any information on the Australian ties to this story? 


BTW, this is the link to the podcast on speciesism and capitalism:


Hi Carolyn,


This is one link to the Australian initiatives:


I'm aware there are also efforts to set something up in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. I've mainly been following them on Twitter, but haven't got weblinks to hand. Oct 15th seems to be a common date for some of them to begin. Sydney is planned to take place in Martin Place and Melbournites are meeting this weekend to work stuff out. I'll be down there for the footy, and will report on anything else I can find out in a few days.


Not sure where it's all headed, but it sure beats watching the usual political rubbish coming out of western governments...  not suprisingly I got the original tip-off for OWS on a brief AlJazeera news clip. Let's hope whatever emerges is not the usual anthropocentric guff.




Thanks, Helen! 
I have a problem with alliance politics for that very reason. I find it difficult to align myself with others who disregard and disrespect other animals, whilst simultaneously fighting oppression in other forms. I'll definitely look into this though. Thanks, again! 

Enjoy the football!


Helen, I was also watching the streaming video some and both the folks there and in the livestream chat room mentioned vegan meals. I'm also watching the developments with interest and support. We're certainly living in interesting and exciting times :). Is there anything you'd recommend to help those directly involved connect the dots?

Might be of further interest:

"5 reasons why animal activists and environmentalists should join the occupy movement from Green is the new Red website. 
I am desperately needing help here, came across this information about the protests in the US and think we need to do something about it....

Hi folks I have been following the occupy movement, from the Arab Spring, Europe & US & here in Australia.  Following the declaration from Occupy Wall St I distributed a flyer at a Occupy Adelaide gathering yesterday, content below fyi, cheers jj :)

As we, the 99%, mobilise to fight social injustice, we must not forget the plight of nonhuman animals – the most numerous and most vulnerable of all the victims of global capitalism.


Their industrialised enslavement, exploitation and murder is driven by the greed of the same 1% that profits from human inequalities and injustices and the escalating destruction of the earth.


The domination and oppression of humans, nonhumans and the earth are closely intertwined. None can be free until all are free. We must struggle for total liberation – of all animals and the earth.


 The Declaration by Occupy Wall Street includes the statement:


“They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless nonhuman animals, and actively hide these practices”.


I am hopeful all the 'occupies' will denounce institutionalised animal abuse & the forces bowing to pressure from the 1%. 


As we return to our communities from this occupation to engage in the direct action which must follow, please consider what action can be taken to help stop this torture of our fellow beings.


This link seems to be to x-rated material and nothing to do with the issue???  
I was at occupy Sydney for a few hours yesterday while in town (I don't live there). None of the speakers mentioned this, but not to say it wasn't raised after I left. This is useful text to circulate when I get back there if it's not yet covered.  On a more disturbing, yet encouraging note, the use of police horses in NYC to control crowds drew a lot of livestream outcry about animal cruelty. Protestors were also chanting for cops to get off horses and get them out of the fray. Perhaps it's just a NY thing, but let's hope it's a sign if a different kind of consciousness amongst protestors. How did the Adelaide crowd react to your flyer/point?
Hi Helen no one else will raise it unless we do, so if you are able use any open mic opportunities or ask to speak, I've done that several times & built on whatever is being discussed from an animals perspective eg food - intensive animal farming, health - big pharma/animal testing etc people are receptive if you can use whatever it is they are concerned about, cheers julie  

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