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When I was in Cartersville, Georgia, I met a man who was of the most despicable sort. I asked him if he had seen The Cove movie and his reply was, “Yes and it was stupid.” He hated those of us who love animals and said that our focus should be on helping humans instead. He even went so far as to say that he enjoys a movie with lots of animal slaughter. He was more than a mere buffoon; he was downright evil and his mindset would not be swayed. What he could not understand is that we are helping humankind by helping the animals.

There was a time when most of the world believed that our planet was flat, but there were some who knew different as early as 6 B.C. Even the Holy Bible has inscriptions to the contrary. The reason why it took so long for the rest of the world to accept the planetary sphere concept is because people like to believe what they are told. Religious leaders and governments said that the Earth was flat and that is all they needed to hear. It wasn’t until a government decided to accept the truth and proclaim it, that the ball of truth got rolling. Even in our modern day and age, people would prefer to listen to what someone else has to say than to do the research for themselves. There are also those out there who will never accept the truth even if it comes up and bites them on the back pocket. In fact, there are some who still believe the Earth is flat! Just like the buffoon in Cartersville, some people are far too stupid to know just how ignorant they really are.

According to scientists, our oceans will be depleted of marine life by the year 2048. (Don’t take my word for it. Do the research for yourself. You have the world wide web at your fingertips.) The oceans give us eighty percent of our oxygen. If the seas die, we die. So why haven’t our governments told us about this yet? It’s not like they don’t know. They read the newspapers and science journals. They employ some of the best scientists on this round Earth. They know how people like to believe what their governments tell them, so why are they so hush-hush?

There are two ways to remedy the situation. Either the human population would have to be significantly decreased in numbers or everyone in the world would have to become vegans. First of all, if any government disclosed the impending cataclysm, it could create mass hysteria on a global level. There could be a world-wide riot against governments for not revealing the truth sooner. Second, there are just too many hard-headed buffoons in this world who will not make an effort to change. Asking the world to go vegan would create a civil war within every community because those who would want to save their children and grandchildren, would have to defend their families by killing off the omnivores who are destroying the planet. So, you see, the only logical solution is for our governments to allow the status quo. They will continue to allow chemicals to be added to our vegetables and antibiotics to be injected into our meats. They will allow the pollution of our air and waters. They will allow us to kill ourselves.

Why? Because they have a plan. Whether it is surviving underground or relocating to another planet, they are set to go. Why else do you think that every United States president in the last half century has gone back on his word? They make all of these wonderful promises to make our country a better place only to forget them once they are in office. It is undoubtedly because they have been recruited into the elite club of people who know the truth and have an escape. The important promises they made to the public are no longer of concern to them. They must now be concerned with the welfare of their own families. They must now be a team player and go by the club rules.

So, what can we do? It’s up to us and we are the media!

  1. Get people involved in the manner I describe in Share The Cove DVD. The Cove documentary changes people. It makes them want to get involved in a worthy cause. In the process, they encounter other travesties against nature and they usually want to learn more.
  2. Share Sharkwater with them. This movie further reveals the plight of our oceans and exposes how our media has created a monster from an affectionate and gravely misunderstood creature.
  3. Introduce them to Mother Earth’s Navy. There is no better way to have a hand in saving our oceans than to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
  4. Share The End of the Line. This film is a culmination of scientific data explaining the cause and effects of the downfall of our oceans in the year 2048.
  5. Finally, share Earthlings with them. This is the one movie that everyone must see! It speaks for itself.

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