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I’ve come a long way in the last year after first viewing The Cove movie. It has launched me on a mission wherein I shall not back down or relent. I don’t get paid a single cent to do what I do. I do it simply because it is the right thing to do. I do it because I want my children to forever know that I did all that I could. The atrocities in Taiji, however, are only the tip or the iceberg. According to scientists, all sea life will be depleted by the year 2048. Such a catastrophe will also be the demise of the human race. If we save the oceans, we save ourselves . . . we save our children and their children.

What I do is also what I simply must do. I have a voice while many do not. The animals of this world do not have a voice. I do not necessarily mean that they cannot speak. Even if they could utter our words, they would not be heard by our governments, speciesists and mammoth corporations. Human infants and many children do not have a voice. While I would love to campaign for all of the voiceless, I am only one man. I can only do so much. I am torn every time I hear of a child who has been abused. I am stricken every time I hear of a defenseless animal that was skinned alive for his or her fur. I would love to save the world by attacking each and every issue, but my concentration is on ocean preservation because it is vital to all other issues. What good would it be if we put an end to factory farming, only to have all animals of the planet die a slow death in a few decades from now?

Nevertheless, I am incredibly grateful to those who are on the front lines to help the voiceless. I am comforted in knowing that many are fighting to end vivisection, factory farming and other horrendous acts of cruelty against the voiceless. I am proud of the many warriors out there who fight for what is right. I love my Peta friends and I honor the heroes of the Animal Liberation Front. I am in awe of those who work to save the children of this world from abuse and hunger. I commend you all! Thank you for being you!

The world is changing. Scientists are learning the complex language of the dolphin. It’s only a matter of time before the dolphins shall be given their voice. Time, however, may not be a luxury they can afford. Meanwhile, we must be their voice! We must do the right thing! Many of our young people understand what “the right thing” is. They are rising up and taking on a voice for what they believe in.

Trevor of LLL… Let Lolita Live is one of our young heroes. He started his campaign to free a majestic orca just over a year ago when he was nine-years-old. Lolita’s captors at Miami Seaquarium are well familiar with him. That’s for sure! They have heard his voice loud and clear and he has a long life ahead of him. It would be wise for Miami Seaquarium to quit while they are ahead because Trevor will not give up until Lolita is free. Visit Trevor’s site here . . . LLL… Let Lolita Live.

Dominic Geragi attends protests and is on fire for marine conservation. This fine young man is one of my favorite Twitter friends. (I suggest you follow him: He tirelessly displays his heroism in the cyber world and in his home town. I was so impressed with him that I made him an administrator of my new Facebook page Youth and Teen Cyber Whale Warriors and that was before he turned eight years of age this past June.

Sapna Meena, (age 15), is yet another fine example of our next generation. In a country where forty percent of the populace still holds onto outdated traditions, she has taken on a voice for herself to not be married at such a young age. Her family was pressuring her, so she took a three-hour bus ride to Bhilwara, India and asked her government for help. The wedding was brought to a halt! In fact, according to Reuters, ” . . . Sapna was awarded a certificate of gallantry by the government for being an “agent of change” in her community.” You can read the full story here . . . India Schoolgirl Defies Tradition. Sapna is taking charge of her life. She is standing up for what is right and she has taken on a voice where girls of her age would otherwise be voiceless. I commend her!

I would like to ask something of my thousands of readers, Facebook friends and Twitter friends. My birthday is coming up on the 29th of August. I would like for just one of you to send Sapna Meena a DVD of The Cove movie. This is a girl that gets things done. Not only would she be an asset to the cause, I think that she deserves to know what is going on in Taiji, Japan. Her name is Sapna Meena and her local government, Bhilwara, India, is three hours from her home. Okay, so now you have a little research to conduct to obtain her address. That’s okay. You can handle it. You have the World Wide Web at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for? Who will be the first to get a copy of The Cove to her? It’s alright if she gets multiple copies. She can always give them away, but who will be first?

Get your copy of The Cove film here . . .

“The most compassionate form of giving is done with no thought or expectation of reward, and grounded in genuine concern for others.” – Dalai Lama

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