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And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.  Genesis 1:29

There are carnivorous animals in this world who do not kill their own prey. They are scavengers. We use this term in a derogatory sense, because vultures and other scavengers don’t have what it takes to be anything more than what they are. Someone or something else has to do their dirty work for them.

Maybe we use this word so distastefully because it reminds us of ourselves. How many of us actually kill our own prey? Instead we have someone do the dirty work for us and we are presented with a nice, clean package at our local grocery. Many times, the meat department even depicts the slaughtered souls as happy cartoon characters. How cute!

If we want to remove ourselves even further from guilt, we can dine out. Nothing could be more convenient than the finished product being placed before us. In fact, we can bask in our pride of human superiority and accomplishment by having a portion of the carcass served to us. Besides, we’ve earned it. Right? We can even partake of our animal friends in the name of God, especially on Sunday after paying our dues at church. We can discuss God’s love while feasting on those who once loved. We can speak of compassion while ignoring the compassion that may have existed in the being at the end of our forks. We can spend quality time with our families and never give a thought to the families who lost one of its members to our plate. Isn’t life grand?

We spend our hard earned money on meat and we don’t have to acknowledge what these sentient beings had to endure to become our meal. The world was made for mankind and our human brothers and sisters have done a wonderful job of making things easier for us. Instead of flesh, we eat meat. Instead of having to order a little blood in our steaks, we can order them medium rare. Instead of murder, we can conveniently use the term, “slaughter.” The list of terminologies goes on and on. We have been sheltered like toddlers so that we can eat our meat with a smile on our precious little faces. We have been treated like sissies and we are content to play the part.

I say that it’s time that we stopped being pansies! If we are going to partake of the flesh and blood of a being that once walked, breathed and cried, then we at least owe it to them to know of their demise. They at least deserve that much.

We should all watch Earthlings! It’s free at Only then can we say that we truly paid our dues and deserve to enjoy our Sunday buffets. Only then can we hold a mirror before ourselves to discover just how cold we truly are. On the other hand, you may find just how compassionate you are and do as I have done: go vegan.

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“Human beings should love animals as the knowing love the innocent and the strong love the vulnerable.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS

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