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Many years ago, my brother in law was diagnosed with bone cancer. As he was laying on the operating table waiting to be put under for a mid thigh amputation, he tried selling the surgeon his financial services. Today, he's still just as passionate about what he does. I was always envious that he'd found his purpose ... he had a raison d'etre ... something that lit him up and kept him interested day after day after day. Not all that long ago, I realized *this* is my raison d'etre ... yay, I finally have one!! Not just AR alone, but the way everything connects with it ... like capitalism, slavery, feminism, poverty, etc. And, of course, I also like the food aspect of it all. And art, too.


Well, I also find myself making all sorts of fresh starts at this time in my life. Practically like starting over. And I've just started the process of re-enrolling in college. I'll be starting winter semester.


So what to do? What classes? What program? I've never had to work at academics and was always at the top of my class with very little effort (when I chose to be). Where I stumbled was in staying engaged and interested. I've started different things (art, architecture, nursing) but never did finish a program ... close, but no cigar ... er, no degree.


I chose, instead, to take care of my kids, and have the family and white picket fence (which I painted blue!), and that sort of thing. And I'm mostly glad I did ... but now ... I want to do something else.


Part of what I do from here on out will be vegan food and cookbooks, definitely, and art and/or creative projects ... but where else can I improve myself to be as effective as possible within AR and the larger sphere of just making this a better world ... ? 


At "my age," ... basically halfway through my life ... what is there to do?


Roger, after a couple years of thinking about it, I actually  got that final little push I needed to go back to school after reading what you said on the "Butterflies FB Great Debate Thread" ... and realizing that your path to where you are now wasn't without its stop and starts. What would you advise someone like me if I showed up in your office? (WWRYD?  :)


Any input welcomed ...  



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Comment by Cyndi Rook on December 3, 2011 at 4:19

Hi Lisa,

I've been thinking about you and wondering where you are with your school plans. Are you still enrolling? Do you have a plan? Are you enrolling just for the fun of school? It's become very expensive to do that. Frighteningly so.

Just curious, as I could use the vicarious thrill just now.

Comment by Cyndi Rook on November 20, 2011 at 2:08

Lisa, I envy you going back to school. If it were practical and feasible I would go back for another master's degree; in fact I've researched a bit to see if I could get in to a Sociology program. Having said that, my BA is in Humanities, and I've always been thankful my school didn't offer a BA in Art History when I was there. The Humanities program required hours in Philosophy, Classics, Literature, foreign language, and Art History. I love Art History because it is, for me, a field that connects every other discipline, and the Humanites degree was an excellent foundation for the precise reason that Roger mentions. It promotes critical thinking. (It must be said that it promotes critical thinking around the human, but you have already progressed beyond that boundary) I'm assuming that you aren't looking for a degree that will enhance your chances of employment. Neither of mine will, but these types of degrees, to include sociology, will certainly enrich whatever work you decide to do.


Good luck, and I'll be back to school with you in spirit.


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