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I know this has been discussed before but as ARZone gets new members all the time I like to revisit the topic. How do you look after yourself? We as vegans, advocates, activists see some truly awful things. Most of the times we see this we are powerless to make any changes.  How do you self care so that animal use & abuse doesn't become so overwhelming that it hinders your life?

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Thanks for asking this question, Sharron! I think it's a really important question, and can never be asked too many times. 

I spend as much time as I can at the beach, which is my favourite place to be. I also spend a lot of time playing with my son. I find that if I don't get out for at least an hour each day and spend time doing something that makes me happy, I really do suffer for it. 

I'm also lucky enough to have the most amazing person in the world as my best friend, who always manages to cheer me up and make me smile! 

Walking the Dog, gardening & the greatest de-stresser of all a Cat on your lap!

Great question, Sharron.  My time out used to be my morning walks, 90 minutes, all alone.  Since dog Jilla has been ill (around a year now), it's time with Jilla, dog Baxter, and cats Monty and Leo.  Oh, and husband George of course, my best friend, my rock!

What about you, Sharron, how do you self care?

Buddhist talks. Focusing on the successful rescues (cats and wild birds in my case), and what still needs to be done to help those I can affect. Sleep. Music.

For that which I do myself hinders me timely, but to seize "life", for thus far and as yet another breath came...

I think it is with Faith and understanding, or the pursuit there of... Ultimately to remember that Evil and Good are one and the same, Time and place determining it, and that either will come a shift the other side... given Time.
It is not easy of course in the face of such tremendous assault... our senses, our will
Staying in focus with ONE (God)... partake the gifts and share... ringing one's heart out will bell another's sometime
Even if not fair to shed so much onto ONE, sometimes take it... the gift of Love
If our own... to give mercy, for ONE more, not our sorrow's shame, but Arraigning Love... The Peace inside embracing... Time

I say Good Night MOTHER as get to rest case to fall and not say more, I say Good Morning MOTHER as to awake and as aware of saying it... and that is Mu ONE and Myself talking to... in the highest, to LOVE inside

Hi Sharron!  This is a great question.  There are times when the stress of doing what we all do can be a burden, but, like most of us I suspect, I try to keep my eyes looking far ahead and focused on where we will be one day instead of thinking about how far and long away that day may be.  Knowing that there are others more committed than I am in this movement - some people really do give up almost everything for the work - also helps to keep my little trials and tribulations in perspective.  As Carolyn mentioned, and Mo as well, it's also good for me that I also have someone I am proud to call a friend - someone who is in the movement too - who is always there for me when they're needed - and they're needed a lot!! :)  

i think its important to remember that some people in the movement, and well everywhere, have mental health problems and that doing advocacy and coming into contact with the ideas and realities that this entails, as well as basic things like getting up in the morning or just turning on the computer are not doable all the time, as it is not for most people, but also perhaps for longer periods of time. personally there have been long periods of time where being involved in the movement, or as involved as i would like to be, was, i think, not realistically doable because of an inability to do those things that are necessary to be involved. for me animal use and abuse effects me in a direct way but also in that i feel i should be doing activism more of the time, i try to recognize when i shouldn't or cant look at or think about animal use and abuse and recognize when my not being involved is acceptable or excusable, these both help me live in a speciesist society.

Hi Sharron.  This is a very important issue for anyone who wishes to contribute to animal rights.  I do think it extremely important to look after yourself, because that's the only way that continuing in animal rights is possible.  In a sense one has to become inured against the constant barrage of horror stories.  I think it is extremely important to have a few close friends who share your passion.  It is important to let it go every now and again, take a break and do something special to enable you to come back refreshed and stronger.  I have my cats around me, rescues mostly who are the greatest joy.  But mostly, acknowledge the tragedies but make certain you celebrate the victories.  They are what make the struggle worthwhile.  I also every now and then do a reality check and remind myself that I was raised to eat meat, so I can't really condemn others who haven't yet realised what this is all about. 

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